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WOW Wireless Lifesaver: CPR Apps Saves Athlete’s Life

During a high school basketball practice, Coach Eric Cooper experienced a nightmarish situation for a coach; one of his players collapsed on the court and wasn’t responsive. Thanks to Coach Cooper’s recently downloaded CPR app, Phone Aid, he was able to correctly administer CPR and revive the student.

WOW Wireless Lifesaver: App Alerts First Aid Trained of Emergencies Nearby

When San Ramon Chief Richard Price saw an ambulance rush to an emergency situation next door, he realized that emergency personnel aren’t always informed of nearby 911 situations. Price’s fire department created the free nationwide “Fire Department” app to alert those who are first aid trained of nearby emergencies and help save lives.

WOW Wireless Lifesaver: Mobile AMBER Alert Saves Abducted Girl

Last spring in Federal Way, Washington, store clerk LaJohnna Greenwood had an unusual day at work. LaJohnna noticed a man and girl who matched the description from a wireless AMBER alert about an abductor and missing child. After calling the police, the officers were able to track down the man using store surveillance tapes and […]

August WOW Wireless Lifesaver: Boy Saves Manatee’s Life

While kayaking on the Orange River near the Manatee Park in Fort Meyers, Florida, twelve-year-old Joey LaMountain noticed a buoy was moving strangely. After watching it for a few minutes, Joey realized a manatee was stuck and tangled in the buoy. Joey used his cellphone to call for help and rescuers were able to untangle […]

July WOW Wireless Lifesaver: Baseball Players Save Father’s Life

Two young baseball players, eleven-year-old Layne Cayton and twelve-year-old Brendan Maher, saved the day when they called 911 and attempted CPR after Layne’s father, Tony, collapsed on home plate. Doctors confirmed that the call to 911 helped save Tony’s life after his heart stopped.

The Wireless Foundation’s 17th Annual Achievement Awards Dinner Photos

To celebrate Wireless Safety Week earlier this month, The Wireless Foundation held its 17th Annual Achievement Awards Dinner at the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C. The VITA™ Wireless Samaritan Awards are presented annually to recognize Americans who used wireless technology to save lives, stop crime and help in other emergency situations. Recipients are the epitome […]

CTIA WOW Wireless Lifesaver: Young Hunter Rescues

The final Wireless Lifesaver video this month is about teenager J.P. Failor. He loves to hunt, but an expedition with his father took on a very different tone when they came across another hunter in terrible distress. J.P. tells us what happened one early morning, and how he used wireless to save a man’s life.

CTIA WOW Wireless Lifesaver: Foiled Abduction

Even though our blog’s focus on wireless safety is nearing its end, check out today’s Wireless Lifesaver video about Maranda Chatman of Decatur, IL. While she was on her way to school one morning, a man pulled over near her in his car and tried to lure her to go with him. Maranda used her […]

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