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App Notifies CPR-Trained Citizens to Emergencies Nearby: July WOW Wireless Lifesaver

PulsePoint Foundation President Richard Price explains how the public safety app notifies CPR-trained citizens of heart attack victims in their vicinity who need immediate assistance.

Best of Wireless Lifesavers 2013: WOW Wireless Lifesaver

In advance of the 2013 VITA Awards ceremony in July, CTIA highlights some of last year’s winners, Jordan Poulin of Michigan, Alexis Stannis of Florida and Ashok Agrawala of the University of Maryland in College Park, who all used wireless devices to save a life.

NCMEC Hope Awards 2013 Dinner

Last night in Washington, D.C., CTIA President and CEO Steve Largent accepted the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children (NCMEC) Hope Awards. Steve accepted the award on behalf of the wireless industry for its work on the Wireless AMBER Alerts, which has now transitioned to Wireless Emergency Alerts. As Steve noted in his remarks, […]

Oregon Man Saves Trapped Child: WOW Wireless Lifesaver

Chris O’Neill was driving along Lake Oswego, Oregon when he saw an SUV teetering over an embankment. After using his cellphone to call 911, he risked his life by crawling into the unsteady SUV to save the 4-year old strapped in the backseat.

Illinois Man Saves Driver After Tornado: WOW Wireless Lifesaver March 2013

After a tornado landed in Harrisburg, Illinois, a donut delivery driver and his truck were lifted out of a store’s loading dock and thrown into a nearby pond. With local emergency responders overwhelmed with the devastation, a local man, David Murphy, jumped in and used his cellphone’s light to find the injured driver and helped […]

Kansas Commuter Saves Pregnant Woman: WOW Wireless Lifesaver February 2013

Clarence Williams of Gardner, Kansas was driving to work one morning, as usual, when he witnessed a horrific crash. Using his cellphone to call 911, he gave them the location of the accident and assessed the condition of the driver, a pregnant mother who was bleeding and unconscious. Staying with the woman until emergency responders […]

App Creates Virtual Escort Home: WOW Wireless Lifesaver January 2013

The students at the University of Maryland in College Park are safer on campus these days thanks to Dr. Ashok Agrawala. He describes a virtual campus safety app he created called “Escort-M” that transmits real-time audio, video and location information from a UMD user’s wireless device to public safety personnel at the university’s Security Operations […]

December WOW Wireless Lifesaver: Florida Girl Keeps Brother Safe During Burglary

Home alone with her little brother, Alexis Stannis of Pompano Beach, Florida heard someone trying to break into her home through a window. She quickly grabbed her brother and her cellphone, locked her bedroom door, hid in the closet and called 911. The police came in time to arrest three teens, including one armed with […]

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