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Never Wait on Hold for Customer Service with Hold-Free

Hold-Free Networks CEO Lance Fried says that you don’t have to wait on hold to talk to a customer service representative again. By using your smartphone to call for customer service, the Hold-Free app will provide your account details to the company so they can call you on your wireless device when they’re prepared to [...]

Wireless App for Healthier Living

U.S. Preventive Medicine’s Chairman and CEO Chris Fey showcases Macaw, a wireless application that uses preventative medicine tools to help consumers reduce their risk factors that cause poor health. Macaw uses a variety of health information inputs to determine how healthy the user is living and recommendations for changes to their daily routine so they [...]

WOW Wireless at Work: 3D Mobile Device

HTC American’s Online Communications Manager, Jeff Gordon, demonstrates the HTC EVO 3D, which is changing the way we see the world. The phone captures photos and videos in 3D and allows you to view them on your phone or HDTV without special glasses.

WOW Wireless at Work: Music on the Go

Tired of paying for individual songs on your mobile device? Muve Music is the first music experience designed specifically for a mobile phone, with unlimited music as part of a customer’s wireless plan. Cricket Communications Senior Manager, Greg Lund, demonstrates the full-feature offering.

WOW Wireless at Work:Mobile Device Built Military Tough

Have you ever dropped and broken your cell phone? The Casio G’zOne Commando, as Chief Marketing Officer of Personal Communications Devices Joe Cufari shows, was built to meet military standards for water, shock and dust resistance. This device might be perfect for those who are a little rough on their hardware or find themselves in [...]

September WOW Wireless at Work: Apps Promote Safe Driving

To help keep teens and other drivers safe on the road, there are a number of apps available. Sprint Nextel CEO Dan Hesse explains an Android app that locks wireless devices when a driver is moving faster than 10 MPH. Hesse also talks about Sprint’s support of programs and initiatives to promote safe driving.

August WOW Wireless at Work: Apps Offer Security

Mobile applications continue to enhance the lives of wireless users, providing services that keep people in touch and sometimes aware of dangerous situations. See how the iMap and Skype applications help wireless users stay alert about severe weather and stay in contact with friends and family members in different places and situations.

June WOW Wireless at Work: Remote Health Monitoring Empowers Consumers

Empowering consumers is a major benefit of wireless technology, and new applications are giving users access to important personal health information. This segment looks at products by WoundMatrix and Reflection Solutions that help keep people safe by letting doctors monitor their patients’ health. Find out how your wireless connection can keep doctors up-to-date on your [...]

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