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Mobile EKGs in Ambulances Provide Doctors Vitals & Save Lives: WOW Wireless at Work February 2013

With support from The Wireless Foundation, The George Washington University provided DC-metro area first responders with mobile EKG machines. Since every second counts, this lifesaving wireless technology provides the doctors with the real-time access to the patient’s condition so they may determine the proper treatment before the patient even reaches the hospital.

The Military and the Speed of Change: WOW Wireless at Work January 2013

During his keynote remarks at MobileCON™ 2012, Robert Wheeler, Major General, United States Air Force, Deputy CIO for C4 & Information Infrastructure Capabilities, Department of Defense discusses how the military is working to deploy solutions to protect itself from wireless cyberthreats.

December WOW Wireless at Work: Mobile App Boosts Rural America

Many U.S. rural towns find economic development challenging, but West Virginia University started a mobile application pilot project that might help these small towns with their path to long-term sustainability. Mobile Main Street, a free open-source community mobile publishing tool developed by WVU students, is helping merchants and other attractions in Tucker County, WV, utilize [...]

November WOW Wireless at Work: Sustainable Communications for Disaster Relief

Green Power Management Solutions’ Mike Lee discusses the Remote Monitoring and Communication Platform, which utilizes both solar panels and a wind generator to power wireless telecommunications. Deployed during emergency situations, these wireless telecommunications units use sustainable energy to keep relief workers and affected citizens connected.

August WOW Wireless at Work: VGo Brings School Home

Verizon Wireless’ Gagan Puranik demonstrates VGo, a system that allows homebound children to engage in the school environment using a robot that is controlled by a tablet. The device is equipped with video and sound so children may engage with others using Verizon’s 4G LTE network.

Wireless at Work: Health Coach App Helps You Live a Healthier Life

United Health Group’s Michelle Lafrenz demonstrates the Optimize Me 2.0 app, which allows users to track their health goals and access a health coach. The coach is related to your employer health plan and offers tips, articles and information so you can meet your health goals and live a healthier life.

PayAnywhere and Anytime

For many businesses and nonprofits, accepting credit card or debit card payments was challenging to set-up and expensive to maintain. Thanks to mobile devices and companies such as PayAnywhere, these organizations can accept quickly payments anywhere and anytime while providing customers with peace-of-mind knowing their transactions are secure.

Tagg the Pet Tracker Knows Your Pet’s Location

In the April Wonder of Wireless (WOW) Wireless at Work, CTIA talks to Dave Vigil, President of Snaptracs, Inc., who introduces Tagg the Pet Tracker. Tagg the Pet Tracker allows pet owners to know the location of their dog or cat anytime and anywhere. The lightweight device attaches to pet’s collar and transmits its GPS [...]

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