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Wireless Prostheses: July WOW Wireless at Work

New wireless technology and a mobile application allows amputees such as 2012 Paralympic Bronze Medalist Oksana Masters to self-adjust their prostheses and provides their doctors with user data and the ability to make remote adjustments, forgoing imprecise measurements, trips to the doctor and discomfort.

Project K-Nect: Math via Wireless: WOW Wireless at Work

For students at Southwest High School in North Carolina, Project K-Nect is improving their math scores and confidence by using interactive learning via wireless technology. Students use tablets to collaborate in real-time with their teachers and other students, view videos and share answers, which is changing the way students do and feel about math.

Mobile Commerce: An Evolving Business: WOW Wireless at Work

As customers start to use more mobile commerce services and applications, a panel of experts gathered at MOBILECON 2012 to talk about how mcommerce is evolving and its future for consumers and regulators.

Farming Goes Wireless: WOW Wireless at Work March 2013

In this month’s Wireless at Work, we focus on how wireless technology  is revolutionizing farming by monitoring soil and atmospheric conditions. The real-time data is made available to the farmer, allowing them to more efficiently manage their operations and save valuable time and money.

Mobile EKGs in Ambulances Provide Doctors Vitals & Save Lives: WOW Wireless at Work February 2013

With support from The Wireless Foundation, The George Washington University provided DC-metro area first responders with mobile EKG machines. Since every second counts, this lifesaving wireless technology provides the doctors with the real-time access to the patient’s condition so they may determine the proper treatment before the patient even reaches the hospital.

The Military and the Speed of Change: WOW Wireless at Work January 2013

During his keynote remarks at MobileCON™ 2012, Robert Wheeler, Major General, United States Air Force, Deputy CIO for C4 & Information Infrastructure Capabilities, Department of Defense discusses how the military is working to deploy solutions to protect itself from wireless cyberthreats.

December WOW Wireless at Work: Mobile App Boosts Rural America

Many U.S. rural towns find economic development challenging, but West Virginia University started a mobile application pilot project that might help these small towns with their path to long-term sustainability. Mobile Main Street, a free open-source community mobile publishing tool developed by WVU students, is helping merchants and other attractions in Tucker County, WV, utilize […]

November WOW Wireless at Work: Sustainable Communications for Disaster Relief

Green Power Management Solutions’ Mike Lee discusses the Remote Monitoring and Communication Platform, which utilizes both solar panels and a wind generator to power wireless telecommunications. Deployed during emergency situations, these wireless telecommunications units use sustainable energy to keep relief workers and affected citizens connected.

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