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Text-to-911: What is Your Emergency?: April WOW Policy Point

Over the past decade, texting has become an integral part of how we communicate with friends and family, but it also plays a vital role in emergencies, especially for those with disabilities. Learn about the development and adoption of text-to-911 service, and what it means for consumers.

Securing Data on All Platforms: March WOW Policy Point

As technology becomes more sophisticated, so do the methods cyberthieves use to breach consumer data. From securing wireless networks to investing millions of dollars in cybersecurity measures, learn about the wireless industry’s efforts to secure user data and what the industry needs from policymakers to address and protect consumers from new threats.

Wireless Industry is a Leader with Safe Driving Campaigns: February WOW Policy Point

CTIA and the wireless industry have been early leaders to educating consumers about safe driving by creating and sponsoring public service announcements, campaigns and other educational materials. Most recently, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, CTIA and other wireless companies joined the “It Can Wait” campaign that illustrates the dangers of texting while driving.

Cyberbullying: Tips and Tools to Protect Your Kids: January WOW Policy Point

What is cyberbullying, and more importantly, how do you protect your kids from it or prevent your kids from being a bully? To help parents with this issue, CTIA’s Growing Wireless provides tips and tools to help kids be safe and responsible online users.

Protect Your Mobile Wallet: December WOW Policy Point

From paying for parking to store purchases, the mobile wallet will play a big role in this holiday season. Protect the valuable information your wireless device holds by following some simple tips.

Building Apps for Employees: November WOW Policy Point

With our continued dependence on mobile applications in our everyday lives, it’s inevitable that businesses develop apps to make their employees more productive and improve relationships with their customers. Regardless of a company’s size and function, enterprise mobile apps represent a unique challenge for IT professionals, who must strike a balance between security and usability.

How the U.S. Fights Mobile Malware: August WOW Policy Point

The U.S. wireless industry is actively protecting consumers from mobile malware such as spyware, viruses and other malicious attacks, and those measures as well as tips on what consumers can do to protect their personal information are covered in this month’s Policy Point.

Protecting Children’s Privacy: WOW Policy Point

This month’s Policy Point focuses on the Child Online Protection Act, or COPPA, which sets rules on what websites and apps can and cannot collect as well as requiring parental notification along the way. While COPPA was recently updated to reflect the changes in technology, CTIA and the wireless industry proactively developed best practices, tools [...]

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