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Insider Interview: 2012 VITA Wireless Samaritan Awards

In the July Wonder of Wireless (WOW) Insider Interview, CTIA-The Wireless Foundation’s Executive Director Kimberly Bassett and Vice President of Wireless Internet Development and former Executive Director of The Wireless Foundation David Diggs talk about the history of the annual event, its purpose and some of their favorite moments from the VITA™ Wireless Samaritan Awards. [...]

Cadillac Integrates Wireless in the Car with CUE

The auto industry has embraced wireless America by seamlessly and safely integrating smartphones into a driver’s experience. In the April Wonder of Wireless (WOW) Insider Interview, CTIA talks with Don Butler, Vice President of Cadillac, who describes CUE (Cadillac User Experience). CUE allows a driver to focus on the road while conveniently and safely interacting [...]

Lithuania: Highest Wireless Penetration in Europe

Paulius Lukauskas, Managing Director of Enterprise Lithuania, discusses reasons why the relatively small country has such an impressive wireless penetration rate (1.5 devices per person, highest in Europe), the country’s extensive wireless build-out and the factors behind its prominent stature in wireless development. Lukauskas also says that Lithuania makes an ideal place to conduct mobile [...]

Wireless Innovations Redefine Healthcare Delivery

Wireless applications are improving health and healthcare systems in the U.S. Ann McGrath, Director of Leadership Summits at World Congress, says consumers demand wireless technologies that improve the delivery of care by helping them incorporate preventative and wellness lifestyles. In addition, wireless innovations have pushed the boundaries of technology’s impact on improving a patient’s quality [...]

WOW Insider Interview:’Kicks’ Changing Mobile Retail Experience

Now you can earn rewards everywhere you go, via mobile. Cyriac Roeding, CEO of Shopkick, talks about the mobile application that drives retail, rewarding customers for entering stores with ‘kicks’ on their mobile device which can be turned in for gift cards, donations to charities and more.

WOW Insider Interview: 2011 Wireless Industry Successes

CTIA President and CEO Steve Largent reflects on some of the notable 2011 wireless industry successes, including USF reform, usage notifications for consumers and spectrum. Largent also notes that CTIA’s spring show has been moved to May 8th-10th in New Orleans, Louisiana so our members can time their new product and service releases for back-to-school [...]

WOW Insider Interview: Wireless in Today’s U.S. Army

U.S. Army Technology Integration Chief Matt McLaughlin discusses how wireless technology is being implemented throughout the Army to streamline operations, improve training and reduce paperwork and expenses.

September WOW Insider Interview: Driving and Responsible Wireless Users

CTIA has always believed that safety should be everyone’s priority when driving. We believe that there are appropriate and inappropriate times to use mobile devices. CTIA spoke with Minnesota State Senator Mike Jungbauer about how he looks out for consumer interests, when he believes regulation is needed and the importance of enforcing distracted driving laws.

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