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Wireless Parental Guidance: WOW Insider Interview

CTIA’s Vice President of External and State Affairs Jamie Hastings discusses, which provides information, facts and case studies for parents and caregivers to help them keep their kids safe and responsible in today’s digital world. Hastings also highlights the CTIA Mobile Application Rating System with ESRB, which are similar to those assigned for video […]

Isis: Mobile Interactions and Payments: WOW Insider Interview

Chief Technology Officer Ryan Hughes for Isis, the mobile payments initiative formed by AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless, discusses the development of mobile payments and how the industry is integrating smart interactions and security to bring consumers a seamless experience.

BYOD: Friend or Foe?: WOW Insider Interview March 2013

Afzal Bari, a financial analyst for tech and telecom sectors at Bloomberg Government, discusses the pros and cons of allowing employees to bring their own personal device onto the company’s network.

Health Data: Mobile and Secure: WOW Insider Interview February 2013

West Health Chief Strategy Officer Dr. Mo Kaushal discusses the some of the regulatory, technical and user challenges of connected health.

Protecting Corporate Data While Increasing Mobility: WOW Insider Interview January 2013

Symantec Chief Technology Officer Stephen Trilling discusses the challenges of securing mobile devices while enterprises are turning to wireless. With an understanding of the threat landscape, IT administrators are finding ways to protect corporate data without limiting functionality.

December WOW Insider Interview: Utilizing Mobile in Emergencies

American Red Cross Chief Information Officer John Crary discusses how the nonprofit organization is using mobile to better respond daily and in emergency situations to those in need as well as to broadcast important safety information. Since wireless technology is something that most Americans are used to relying on, Crary says it’s important the Red […]

November WOW Insider Interview: CTIA’s Green Working Group Initiatives

CTIA’s Vice President of External and State Affairs Jamie Hastings talks about its Green Working Group, which establishes the wireless industry’s sustainability initiatives. Besides the postpaid, or contract, handset packaging, the Green Working Group is committed to continued consumer education. As CTIA and its member companies have noted, everyone, including consumers, play an important role […]

Insider Interview: CTIA Launches “Growing Wireless” Website

CTIA’s Vice President of External and State Affairs Jamie Hastings talks about the launch of “Growing Wireless” website as a part of the industry’s continued commitment to help parents educate their kids about responsible use. Hastings says provides straightforward information so that parents and kids talk and decide together about how, when and where […]

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