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Making Wireless Devices Hearing Aid Compatible

As we mentioned yesterday, the wireless industry has worked diligently to serve the accessibility community for many years. Today, we’re focusing on wireless devices being made Hearing Aid Compatible (HAC). Their wide availability is a testament to the remarkable progress that has resulted from the collaborative efforts of consumers, industry and the FCC. CTIA supported [...]

Wireless Competition: Helps Our Industry to Serve Persons with Disabilities

CTIA and the wireless industry have been leaders in driving an ever-growing range of choices and opportunities for all consumers, including individuals with disabilities. This year was no exception. We worked hard on the Twenty-First Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act of 2010, which became law on October 8, 2010. This was an important bill [...]

Net Neutrality: An Attempt to Fix An Industry that Works

As I mentioned this morning, we’re looking at a couple of our recent FCC filings on net neutrality. Regardless of what filing we’re talking about, the fact remains that wireless broadband is a competitive, consumer-driven service that provides the Internet to the person. As CTIA reiterated in our recent filing to the Federal Communications Commission [...]

CTIA to FCC: Continues to Prove No Broadband Reclassification Necessary for Wireless

In light of the recent attention on net neutrality, I thought it’d be good to look at some of our recent FCC filings. As we have repeatedly stated in our filings (e.g. NOI on Third Way, NPRM on Open Internet, etc), regulation of the innovative, competitive and consumer-oriented wireless broadband ecosystem has the potential to [...]

State of Wireless Competition Means Americans Have Best Wireless Experience

On Tuesday we posted about our comments to the FCC on their annual competition report. Today, we’re focused on our reply comments. In our filing we reiterate the facts that clearly prove the wireless industry is a vibrantly competitive mobile ecosystem that bears the hallmarks of competition—continued investment, innovation and ever-increasing consumer value. As we [...]

An Open Letter to the USA Today Editorial Board

We appreciated the opportunity to write an op-ed on net neutrality and why it should not apply to wireless. Unfortunately, we did not have a chance to read your editorial until it was published in the newspaper yesterday. We were surprised with your opinion piece as there were erroneous statements and only hypothetical concerns about [...]

Measuring Mobile Broadband Performance and Coverage – Why the FCC Should Not Regulate

To say that our regulatory affairs folks are busy is an understatement. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be summarizing our filings to the FCC on major issues that many of you – our loyal readers – have been following. Today’s post is on our filing to the FCC’s Public Notice on measuring mobile broadband [...]

Transitioning To An All-IP Communications Architecture

There’s no question that the communications network landscape is shifting in the U.S.  Consumers are continuing to demonstrate an incredible demand for mobile broadband services. Communications networks are transitioning from circuit-switched models to Internet protocol (IP) based technologies that provide consumers with integrated access to a variety of applications and producers that offer services such [...]

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