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E-911 and Location Accuracy

First responders must know your location so they can effectively respond to your emergency call. As we’ve said before on the blog, your wireless device is fundamentally a public safety tool and your lifeline if you need help. CTIA and the wireless industry believe all Americans should have access to Enhanced 911 (E-911) services, including […]

Hearing Aid Compatibility: A Success for the Accessibility Community

The wireless industry has worked hard to serve the accessibility community, and we are proud of the strides we have made. As we announced last week at the show, we have updated our to help people with disabilities find the right wireless devices and service plans. Thanks to the MMF’s GARI system, the website […]

To Manage Wireless Accounts, Consumers Benefit from Education, Not Regulation

We recently submitted reply comments to the FCC urging them to proceed cautiously on the “bill shock” matter. According to the FCC’s 2010 survey, more than 92 percent of wireless device users are satisfied with their service. Don’t get us wrong, we’re working hard to get the remaining 8 percent, but it’s great to have […]

Mobility Fund: Making Wireless Broadband Ubiquitous

As we said in a blog post in January, we support the creation of a Mobility Fund that would ensure wireless broadband deployment to all consumers in America, especially those in underserved or rural areas. At the same time, we cautioned that there were some changes that had to take place in order to adequately […]

Next Generation 911: Improving the Safety of the Accessibility Community

As we’ve said on the blog, CTIA and our members are 100% committed to ensuring wireless customers can access E-911 services (read more about our position on E-911 and location accuracy). Today, we’re reviewing our comments to the Department of Justice (DOJ) on the best approach to making NG911 services compliant with the Americans with […]

CTIA’s FCC Filing on E911 and Location Accuracy

We talk a lot about the numerous apps and other cool things you can do with your mobile device, which means we sometimes gloss over the fact that at its core, it’s a public safety tool. Should you ever find yourself in an emergency situation, your wireless device is your lifeline and source of help. […]

CTIA to FCC: Competition, Not Regulation Offers Innovative Account Management Tools

With the fiercely competitive state of the wireless industry, it’s no surprise that our members work hard to keep each customer happy. If a person doesn’t like something about a particular carrier (or device for that matter), there are a variety of other providers who would love his/her business. In 2009 alone, 66 million customers […]

Bringing Mobile Broadband to Rural America

Consumers across America love – and appreciate – mobile broadband because it allows us to access the Internet anytime and anywhere. That’s why mobile data usage continues to grow dramatically, making wireless broadband providers the fastest growing Internet providers in America (including both high-speed lines and advanced service lines). With consumers demanding mobile broadband access […]

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