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How to Deploy a Successful NG911 System

As we have said before, wireless devices, at their core, are public safety tools. With more than 396,000 wireless 911 calls made daily, Next Generation 911 (NG911) systems must be able to provide dispatchers with the critical information needed so emergency responders can address situations quickly and efficiently. NG911 technologies have the power to transform [...]

The Facts (Again) Prove the Wireless Ecosystem is Robustly Competitive

The facts continue to prove the wireless marketplace is driven by competition and innovation. In our initial comments to the FCC on the state of wireless competition for their latest report, we provided a huge amount of data from trusted third-party organizations and our semi-annual survey that showed the competition that exists in the wireless [...]

U.S. Wireless Ecosystem is Robustly Competitive

Competition drives the U.S. wireless industry. When one objectively looks at the major market indicators, competition is the reason why we lead the world in efficiency and value for consumers.  These indicators include capital expenditures and network investments; infrastructure deployments; subscribership levels; subscriber growth; number of devices manufactured for the U.S. market; growth of device [...]

CTIA to FCC: Signal Boosters Do More Harm Than Good

Consumers demand wireless broadband anywhere at any time, and carriers compete vigorously by investing in towers and equipment to improve coverage. With limited spectrum available to transmit wireless data, wireless devices must finely tune into narrow spectrum bands so they can communicate with the network and provide consumers with service. Even though the U.S. is [...]

CTIA asks FCC to Streamline Tower and Antenna Siting

We’ve been quite clear about the need for more spectrum for the U.S. wireless industry, but towers are another important piece to our members so they can provide customers with service anywhere, anytime. As we explain in the Wireless in America brochure, “smart” wireless base stations (usually cell sites) are what help you be mobile [...]

CTIA to FCC: Keep SMS Free from USF Contribution Requirements

Since the universal service fund (USF) was created in the era of wireline communications, the outdated programs such as Lifeline and Linkup emphasize landlines, even though today’s low-income consumers prefer wireless technology. That’s why USF reform is critical. In our reply comments to the FCC, we explained why short message service (SMS) is an integrated [...]

CTIA Asks FCC: Don’t Double-Tax Wireless Providers

A few weeks ago, we submitted comments to the FCC on the assessment and collection of regulatory fees for fiscal year 2011. The Commission proposed to amend its schedule of regulatory fees to require wireless providers pay the Interstate Telecommunications Service Provider (ITSP) fees for the first time, in addition to the substantial per-subscriber regulatory [...]

Implementing the Accessibility Act

Thanks to the wireless industry’s relentless competition throughout the ecosystem, countless innovative products and services have been developed to meet the demands of consumers, including the accessibility community. With so many accessibility options in wireless devices available today, CTIA created, which offers a variety of useful tools. For example, consumers can use MMF’s Global [...]

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