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Mobile Device Recycling

Carriers, device manufacturers, app developers and the rest of the wireless ecosystem are constantly competing for every single customer by developing new products and services, and U.S. consumers win from this hypercompetitive environment. However, since these new devices are frequently launched in the U.S., this means consumers are changing their handsets often. But what happens [...]

Green Month Wrap-Up; May to Focus on Responsible Wireless Use

Throughout the month of April, we have been posting various videos, podcasts and updates on our blog about the wireless industry’s contributions and commitment to creating a low-carbon economy. From industry-wide environmental and recycling initiatives, to specific efforts by wireless companies to implement energy-conscious measures into their operations and business practices, the industry recognizes its responsibility [...]

AT&T: Connecting for a Sustainable Future

CTIA continues to focus on “green” initiatives this month, and today we’re featuring an update from AT&T.  AT&T strives to minimize their environmental impact in ways that are relevant to their business and important to the communities they serve. As part of AT&T’s deep commitment to environmental sustainability, they have recently: Introduced the AT&T ZERO [...]

CTIA Celebrates 40th Anniversary of Earth Day

In honor of the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, CTIA is continuing to raise awareness about the wireless industry’s green initiatives and the numerous ways wireless technologies are helping companies around the world and across all sectors reduce their carbon footprints, increase efficiencies and cut costs.  Earth Day serves to remind all of us to [...]

San Diego’s Environmental Services Department Uses Wireless to Improve Services

San Diego is on the cutting edge of improving its public services by deploying wireless technology solutions. This segment focuses on how the city’s Environmental Services Department is using wireless technology to better manage operations and increase efficiencies, as well as significantly reduce fuel consumption, fleet repairs and air pollution.

Green Solutions for Businesses

In today’s “green” interview, I talk with Nokia Siemens Networks’ Environmentally Sustainable Business (ESB) head Anne Larilahti on the program’s initiatives. We focus on alternative energy sources and more efficient energy use as they are keys to NSN creating more environmentally friendly communications networks.

CTIA, Clean Economy Network and Rep. Ed Markey to Host Capitol Clean Tech Expo

Innovative technology solutions and applications are making major contributions to creating a low-carbon economy in the U.S. and around the world. The Capitol Clean Tech Expo, hosted by CTIA-The Wireless Association® and the Clean Economy Network in conjunction with Congressman Ed Markey (D-MA), will showcase some of the latest technology developments that are helping companies [...]

Wireless Goes Green

There is an increasingly greater awareness throughout the wireless industry of the need to develop more environmentally sensitive products, services and systems. Significant efforts are already underway and this video features some standout examples.

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