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Green Operations: Paulding County School District in Atlanta, GA

Innovative use of wireless and GPS technology is helping the Paulding County School District in Atlanta, Georgia revolutionize its bus fleet management. See how district officials, bus drivers and parents benefit from improved efficiency and safety through cutting-edge wireless technology.

Wireless Goes Green

There is an increasingly greater awareness throughout the wireless industry of the need to develop more environmentally-sensitive products, services and systems. Significant efforts are already underway and we have created a piece that features some standout examples of this.

Wireless Industry Goes Green

The wireless industry is committed to becoming more environmentally responsible. This month’s WOW Policy Point identifies some of things companies are doing internally as well as externally to become more conscious of the environment.

Smart Grid Makes for Smart Wireless

What does the intersection of wireless and smart grid mean to our future energy needs and consumption? Accenture’s Senior Manager and Co-Lead Vaibhav Parmar looks at the way wireless can provide energy in the future. 

Eco-Friendly Wireless Products

Many new products in the wireless world are looking to make the whole industry, including consumers, more environmentally conscious and involved. This segment shows how products like the ones that WYSIPS, Commscope, and Wireless NGR came up with can help to improve your products while remaining green. 

The Mobile Cloud: Good for the Environment

The blog this month is focused on mobile cloud computing and the benefits of having your mobile life accessible anytime and anywhere. While we explained what it is and how it relates to spectrum, today we’re focused on another mobile cloud advantage — energy efficiency. Mobile cloud computing is reducing energy consumption in two different […]

2010 in Review: Wireless Works for the Environment

In this year alone, wireless technology has saved businesses millions of dollars by adopting eco-friendly wireless solutions like e-billing, wireless fleet monitoring and smart grid technologies. By using wireless technology and services, businesses are deploying more sustainable business practices while reducing their environmental footprints. In April, we celebrated Earth Day’s 40th anniversary and talked about […]

Wireless Industry 2010 Growth

The world of wireless continues to grow despite a lagging economy. CTIA’s CEO and President Steve Largent talks about the wireless industry and CTIA’s efforts in 2010, as well as what the association looks forward to in 2011.

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