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November WOW Policy Point: CTIA Establishes Sustainable Benchmarks

CTIA’s Green Working Group created a set of industry benchmarks, including an initiative to make postpaid, or contract, handset packaging more sustainable. This means the participating wireless companies will eliminate plastics and trays from postpaid wireless device packaging, label all packaging with internationally recognized symbols to facilitate recycling and use less volatile organic compounds. For […]

CTIA Poll: In 2011, Have You…?

Here’s this month’s CTIA Blog poll:

CTIA & BSR Report Proves Wireless Means Cost Savings and Efficiencies for Businesses

Wireless is revolutionizing industries by providing businesses with eco-friendly wireless solutions such as e-billing, wireless fleet monitoring and smart grid technologies. Businesses are reducing their environmental footprint by adopting these sustainable business practices, which helps to preserve the environment for the health of our planet and for future generations. Today at CTIA ENTERPRISE & APPLICATIONS™ […]

10 Most Popular Questions on the U.S. Wireless Industry

In this dynamic and constantly evolving wireless industry, we’ve accepted the fact that there is no “final” draft in our Wireless Industry Overview …or any of our industry overview documents. Instead, we’re always updating these “living” documents. But while the industry keeps changing, as the head of research, I’ve noticed I’m consistently asked the following […]

“Wire-Less Green” TV Commercial

As part of our continued focus this month on wireless freedom, we’re featuring our television ad about the environmental benefits of wireless technology. Thanks to wireless technology, consumers and businesses are lowering our carbon footprints. It means we waste less, pollute less, drive less and destroy less…thanks to Wire-Less. Check out our ad and visit […]

CTIA Celebrates Earth Day with Launch of “go wireless, go green” Website

In recognition of Earth Day, CTIA launched “go wireless, go green” to provide useful information about measures consumers can take to be more environmentally responsible, CTIA members’ initiatives to improve their operations to be more sustainable and the eco-friendly value wireless provides other industries. From recycling “old” devices and accessories to monitoring utility grids to improving […]

DoE Under Secretary Dr. Kristina Johnson on Smart Energy, Wireless and Policy

CTIA’s John Walls talks with Department of Energy’s Dr. Kristina Johnson about the dramatic transformation that wireless technology can provide in how we transmit, control and use power.

Mobile Enterprise – Farming with Wireless

A farmer in the Mississippi Delta region uses wireless technology to automatically steer his tractors, creating greater efficiency in tilling his field and harvesting his crops and saving him money and time.

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