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Eco-Friendly Wireless Products

Many new products in the wireless world are looking to make the whole industry, including consumers, more environmentally conscious and involved. This segment shows how products like the ones that WYSIPS, Commscope, and Wireless NGR came up with can help to improve your products while remaining green. 

The Mobile Cloud: Good for the Environment

The blog this month is focused on mobile cloud computing and the benefits of having your mobile life accessible anytime and anywhere. While we explained what it is and how it relates to spectrum, today we’re focused on another mobile cloud advantage — energy efficiency. Mobile cloud computing is reducing energy consumption in two different [...]

2010 in Review: Wireless Works for the Environment

In this year alone, wireless technology has saved businesses millions of dollars by adopting eco-friendly wireless solutions like e-billing, wireless fleet monitoring and smart grid technologies. By using wireless technology and services, businesses are deploying more sustainable business practices while reducing their environmental footprints. In April, we celebrated Earth Day’s 40th anniversary and talked about [...]

Wireless Industry 2010 Growth

The world of wireless continues to grow despite a lagging economy. CTIA’s CEO and President Steve Largent talks about the wireless industry and CTIA’s efforts in 2010, as well as what the association looks forward to in 2011.

Wireless: The Smart Way to Support Smart Grids

Smart grid implementation has the potential to offer enormous benefits for the American public. They can improve reliability and power quality, reduce peak demand and increase both energy efficiency and our reliance on renewable energy. A sophisticated smart grid power system has unique communication requirements that allow for an interactive, real-time infrastructure that is able [...]

Mobile Device Recycling

Carriers, device manufacturers, app developers and the rest of the wireless ecosystem are constantly competing for every single customer by developing new products and services, and U.S. consumers win from this hypercompetitive environment. However, since these new devices are frequently launched in the U.S., this means consumers are changing their handsets often. But what happens [...]

Green Month Wrap-Up; May to Focus on Responsible Wireless Use

Throughout the month of April, we have been posting various videos, podcasts and updates on our blog about the wireless industry’s contributions and commitment to creating a low-carbon economy. From industry-wide environmental and recycling initiatives, to specific efforts by wireless companies to implement energy-conscious measures into their operations and business practices, the industry recognizes its responsibility [...]

AT&T: Connecting for a Sustainable Future

CTIA continues to focus on “green” initiatives this month, and today we’re featuring an update from AT&T.  AT&T strives to minimize their environmental impact in ways that are relevant to their business and important to the communities they serve. As part of AT&T’s deep commitment to environmental sustainability, they have recently: Introduced the AT&T ZERO [...]

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