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Consumer Tips

This month’s WOW Policy Point focuses on five wireless topics and offers tips and useful information about them. Recycling, safe driving and taxes and fees are just a few of what’s covered as these are important to both consumers and the wireless industry.

August Blog Focus: Consumer Tips

For those of you who are avid readers to our blog, you have probably recognized that we’ve had a theme every month. In July, that theme was accessibility and disability. For August, we’ve decided to focus on consumer tips. This is a very general topic but it lets us address some questions we’ve received from the [...]

Testing Your New Cell Phone: Part Two

In the last of the five videos to help consumers choose a hearing aid compatible wireless device that meets their needs, CTIA and the wireless industry show you how to: Test Your Phone In-Store Test Helpful Accessories Test Your New Phone At Home

Testing Your New Cell Phone: Part One

Now that CTIA has provided some information about the numerous wireless products and services available, today’s video explains what individuals with special needs or disabilities should look for in their wireless devices. Knowing What To Tell The Sales Associate Determining A Carrier Or Service Provider’s Return Or Exchange Policy Determining Which HAC Rating To Look [...]

FEMA to Allow People to Apply for Disaster Aid on Smart Phones

Yesterday, FEMA announced that people will now be able to apply for diaster aid via their smart phones.  According to FEMA, approximately 40% of people applying for aid online after a disaster, we’re pleased to see they are offering people the chance to use their wireless devices. While our industry continues to innovate and offer [...]

Helpful Tips Before Beginning Your Search

Today’s part three video provides tips for individuals with disabilities before they begin their search for a new device.  Specifically, visitors will: Learn About The Design Of A Wireless Device: Clamshell Vs Candybar Styles Identify Features Of Cell Phones: Ringtones, Vibration, Texting, Email Identify Helpful Hearing Assistive Technology And Wireless Accessories: Neck Loop, Bluetooth Options

How to Use Hearing Aid Compatibility (HAC) Ratings to Choose Your Wireless Device

In a follow-up to yesterday’s post, today’s video provides more information for individuals who need to ensure their wireless device is compatible with their hearing aid.  In today’s video, visitors will find: Using Hearing Aids With Cell Phones Identifying Cochlear Implant Compatibility Issues About T-Coil Mode Choosing A Cell Phone By Combining Your Hearing Aid [...]

Introduction to Hearing Aid Compatibility

Together with the Wireless Rehabilitation Engineering Research Center (Wireless RERC), CTIA and the wireless industry have developed a five-part video series to help consumers choose a hearing aid compatible wireless device that meets their needs.  Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll highlight each video.  In today’s segment, users will learn: Finding Useful Web Resources  [...]

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