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Kids and Online Safety with FTC

If you’re a parent who is looking for tips on how to talk to your children about online safety, check out this video interview. The Federal Trade Commission’s Assistant Director for Consumer and Business Education in the Bureau of Consumer Protection Nat Wood talks about the agency’s effort to assist in that effort, which features the […]

September WOW Policy Point: How to Educate so Children are Responsible Wireless Users

Mobile device are improving the way we work, learn and live. While technology continues to evolve and offer new capabilities, we must educate others, including children, to be responsible users. In this month’s WOW Policy Point, CTIA provides parents and caring adults with tips to help you educate your children so they are safe and […]

CTIA-The Wireless Association Responds to Senator Charles Schumer

In response to Senator Charles Schumer (D-NY), I issued the following statement: “CTIA understands that when consumers have their mobile devices lost or stolen, it is an unfortunate situation as they often contain a lot of personal information. We urge Congress to not impose unnecessary regulations on the wireless industry that would cause unintended consequences.” […]

CTIA’s Consumer Tips on Travel: More Apps

**NOTE: CTIA has also updated a list on tools carriers offer and shortcuts using your wireless device to help consumers manage their voice, data and text usage.**  In our final post on the 2nd Annual “Wireless World Travel Week,” we’ve updated our list of apps that will help consumers manage your voice, text and data usage, […]

How to Manage Your Wireless Account Using Your Wireless Device

**NOTE: CTIA has also updated a list on apps and tools carriers offer to help consumers manage their voice, data and text usage.** Yesterday, we highlighted key steps consumers should take to manage their wireless service plans when traveling abroad, in honor of the 2nd Annual FCC “Wireless World Travel Week.” Consistent with subscribers’ desire to […]

CTIA Statement on the FCC’s 2nd Annual “Wireless World Travel Week”

In response to the FCC’s announcement about the second annual “Wireless World Travel Week,” I released the following statement: “Since the first ‘Wireless World Travel Week,’ more carriers have taken steps to empower consumers by introducing new – or enhancing existing – tools and resources for customers to ensure the best international calling, texting and […]

Consumer Tips on International Travel: What Your Carrier Offers

**NOTE: CTIA has also updated a list on apps and shortcuts using your wireless device to help consumers manage their voice, data and text usage.**  With the summer travel season in full swing, CTIA is pleased the FCC launched its 2nd Annual “Wireless World Travel Week.” CTIA takes this opportunity to remind you that using your […]

CTIA Announces “Wireless Consumer Checklist” Initiative

With a variety of options for voice, data and text messages, CTIA announced this morning our two different guides that offer consumers standardized questions to ask customer representatives when choosing their wireless service and plans. We developed these guides with many of our members and some of them have already posted their responses to the […]

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