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Guest Post from Sprint: Protect your smartphone in case it is lost or stolen

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve been highlighting some of the wireless industry’s tools and tips to help consumers protect themselves and their smartphones from being stolen. Today’s guest post was originally published on the Sprint Community site on April 18 from JGatSprint. It is disconcerting to think about losing your smartphone. From email [...]

Guest Post from T-Mobile USA: Report a lost or stolen phone

We’re continuing to help educate consumers about the tools and tips they can use to protect themselves and their smartphones from being stolen (reminder about the four steps to deter smartphone thefts). Today’s guest blog post is from T-Mobile USA on what its customers should do if their devices are lost or stolen. For more [...]

Guest Post from AT&T: Protecting Your Device, Protecting Your Information

As part of our continued efforts to educate consumers about the tools and tips they can use to protect themselves and their smartphones from being stolen (as part of the four steps to deter smartphone thefts), we’re posting some information from the participating wireless companies. Today’s guest blog post was originally posted on the AT&T [...]

Anti Theft and Loss Protection Apps for Wireless Handsets

There are a number of apps that can track, locate, lock and/or wipe your wireless device if it gets lost or stolen. As a reminder, we’ve also posted videos with step-by-step instructions on how to install a password on your wireless device. Here are some examples from a variety of popular operating systems. Android App [...]

CTIA’s Tips to Protect Yourself If Your Cellphone is Stolen

CTIA and the wireless industry are extremely concerned about our customers and their safety. To make sure you protect yourself in the event your cellphone is stolen, here are 2 tips that you can take now to render your mobile device useless. All consumers should use their password to prevent others from accessing your phone. [...]

CTIA Reader Poll: Consumer Tips to Check Wireless Usage

CTIA, FCC and Consumers Union Announce Free Alerts to Help Consumers Avoid Unexpected Overage Charges

In a press announcement today with FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski and Consumers Union Parul Desai, CTIA President and CEO Steve Largent announced the “Wireless Consumer Usage Notification Guidelines,” as an addition to our “Consumer Code for Wireless Service.” As a result, wireless providers will send free alerts to subscribers to help them manage their usage [...]

Kids and Responsible Wireless Use

Since the mobile Internet is quickly becoming more popular and the preferred way for millions of Americans, including children, to access the web, it’s important that kids are educated on responsible wireless use. CTIA’s talks with Common Sense Media’s Vice President of Policy Alan Simpson, who provides parents with simple tips to keep their children [...]

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