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Posts Tagged ‘Consumer Tips’ Helps People with Disabilities Find a Cellphone

According to the 2010 U.S. Census, 57 million Americans are living with a disability, representing nearly 50 percent of all adults 65 and over.  The ability to communicate is vital , so through CTIA’s, consumers may find the best wireless device that meets their unique needs using GARI (Global Accessibility Reporting Initiative). A voluntary [...]

Survey on Employee and IT Department Attitudes & Actions on BYOD

Today, we released the results of a survey of 250 IT professionals and 1,000 full-time employed mobile device users that compares attitudes about BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) and security. Here are some of the highlights: Some IT professionals are unaware of how many employees are accessing company information on the wireless device 60 percent [...]

Survey on Consumer Attitudes toward Mobile Cybersecurity

This morning we released the results of the CTIA cybersecurity consumer research survey with more than 1,500 wireless consumers on keeping their wireless devices secure. Here are some of the highlights: Consumers understand the dangers and take responsibility for their device’s security. 85 percent believe mobile devices are very to somewhat vulnerable 74 percent say [...]

How to Remove your Personal Information on your Cellphone

Recycling or donating your old devices (and accessories) is great, but make sure you first remove all of your personal information. To remove your personal information from your cellphone, CTIA offers these eight simple tips:   To download and print these tips in both English and Spanish:

How to Protect Your Mobile Wallet

It’s only a matter of time until we solely rely on our cellphones as our wallets. Until then, there are lots of users adopting their mobile devices for banking, payments and shopping. Unfortunately, this increased convenience may make you a more attractive target for cyberthieves. To help consumers keep their financial information safe, here are [...]

Today’s Wireless Family – INFOGRAPHIC

What does the “average” American wireless family look like and how does yours compare? Using a variety of sources, CTIA’s Growing Wireless team has developed this infographic that looks at “Today’s Wireless Family” and provides simple tips for parents. Whether you’re on the go, at home or at school, parents play an important role to [...]

U.S. Offers a Variety of Unlocked Devices: Your Choice

There continues to be some interest in unlocked devices. While I have already explained what the Library of Congress’ October 2012 decision meant for consumers, it appears there is still confusion on this matter. As I said in a statement released this afternoon: “The Librarian of Congress concluded that an exemption was not necessary because [...]

What’s really happening with unlocked devices

Perhaps you’ve seen the stories reporting on the Library of Congress’ October 2012 decision to provide copyright protection to the computer programs used to “lock” subsidized wireless phones to a carrier’s network. The law that governs this decision is Section 1201 of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), which Congress passed in 1998. Section 1201 [...]

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