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Consumer Choice, Apps and Virtualization Present Challenges to Cybersecurity

This morning, CTIA’s Cybersecurity Working Group released, “Today’s Mobile Cybersecurity: Industry Megatrends & Consumers,” its third white paper, which explores how mobile cybersecurity is affected when consumers have more choices, especially considering apps, and companies move their business online. The three megatrends explored in the white paper are: Mobile – The wireless ecosystem has exploded […]

Why the U.S. Has One of the Lowest Malware Infection Rates

As wireless devices become more innovative, they also become more attractive targets to cyberthieves. Due to the U.S. wireless industry’s continued investment in smart and innovative solutions and vigilance in identifying potential threats, the U.S. has one of the lowest device infection rates in the world, between 0.2 and 2 percent. Other countries are not […]

How to Remove your Personal Information on your Cellphone

Recycling or donating your old devices (and accessories) is great, but make sure you first remove all of your personal information. To remove your personal information from your cellphone, CTIA offers these eight simple tips:   To download and print these tips in both English and Spanish:

How to Protect Your Mobile Wallet

It’s only a matter of time until we solely rely on our cellphones as our wallets. Until then, there are lots of users adopting their mobile devices for banking, payments and shopping. Unfortunately, this increased convenience may make you a more attractive target for cyberthieves. To help consumers keep their financial information safe, here are […]

CTIA Commends FTC For Its Case to Stop Unauthorized Charges on Consumers Bills

In response to the Federal Trade Commission filing its first case against unauthorized charges on consumers’ mobile monthly bills, I said, “CTIA commends the FTC for its action today to add enforcement and deterrence to the wireless industry’s already extensive efforts to combat cramming. It’s our members’ priority to ensure their customers have a positive […]

CTIA Announces Participating Wireless Providers Met Consumer Usage Alerts Deadline

On October 17, 2011, CTIA and participating wireless providers announced a voluntary initiative that would provide consumers with free usage alerts to help them avoid unexpected overage charges. The four alerts were for voice, data, messaging and international service and were added to the “Consumer Code for Wireless Service,” which is the industry’s set of […]

The Enduring Impact of Bullying

CTIA developed Growing Wireless to serve as a resource for parents to help their kids become responsible wireless users. To some parents, they’ll find the issues that Growing Wireless addresses useful, such as cyberbullying. We provide tips and tools that parents may use to help prevent bullying or handle it once it happens to their […]

Join CTIA to Stop States from Raiding 911 Funds

There is no question that our public safety professionals – first responders, police, firefighters, paramedics – are amazing individuals. They put their lives on the line to save others. While others run away from a disaster, they run to it. Quite simply, these men and women are amazing. So it is disheartening to read in […]

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