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Deja Vu – NAB’s Latest Stall Tactics on Spectrum

Here we are again (and again), a little more than a week removed from our last response to an NAB effort to stall incentive auction legislation, feeling the need to put together another response. NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith presented the annual NAB “State of the Industry” address during the 2011 NAB Show. Mr. Smith [...]

CTIA-The Wireless Association Statement on NAB’s Keynote by Gordon Smith

In response to NAB’s President and CEO Gordon Smith’s keynote at its conference today, I released the following statement: “While I am not inclined to respond to NAB every time it repeats its opposition to incentive auctions, since this is NAB’s conference, CTIA and the wireless industry thought we’d respond to this set of desperate [...]

CTIA-The Wireless Association Statement on Today’s White House Forum

Here is a statement from CTIA-The Wireless Association in response to the White House’s “Spectrum Auctions: Unlocking the Innovative Potential of Wireless Broadband” Forum: “Today’s White House forum with FCC Chairman Genachowski, Austan Goolsbee and Jason Furman was an important session that continued to highlight the many benefits that wireless broadband currently provides and will [...]

Again, NAB? Let’s focus on the facts about spectrum

Today, the NAB circulated what is best described as another misinformation blog posting masquerading as an economic study by Navigant. Here is a quick response from CEA’s Vice President for Regulatory Affairs Julie Kearney, who we worked with on the broadcast spectrum white paper, and me. The principal points of the paper are: You can’t have an incentive [...]

The Clock is Ticking on Our Mobile Future, But NAB’s Hail Mary Attempts to Thwart Wireless Industry Innovation Need to Stop

In football, they call it a “Hail Mary” pass. It’s a desperate attempt by a quarterback to heave the ball downfield and hope that one of his receivers can miraculously catch it and score a game-winning touchdown or set-up a last second field goal attempt. I bring this up because that’s exactly what the broadcasters [...]

Another Day, Another Attempt to Stall Incentive Auctions

In the last week and a half, I have heard three stunning new arguments from the broadcasters in their attempt to stall action on incentive auction legislation. The first is that since the digital transition they are the most innovative sector in communications. The second began when they questioned the veracity of the Chairman (and the [...]

CTIA & CEA Ask Congress: Ignore Broadcasters Desperate Attempts to Deflect from the Looming Spectrum Crisis

This morning, CTIA President and CEO Steve Largent and CEA President and CEO Gary Shapiro co-signed a letter to Chairman Rockefeller and Upton and Ranking Members Hutchison and Waxman on the broadcast incentive auctions. While the two organizations have worked together on spectrum and other matters, this is the first time the two association’s leadership [...]

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