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CTIA Statement After Testifying Before the House Energy & Commerce Subcommittee on Communications and Technology

After testifying on “Promoting Broadband, Jobs and Economic Growth through Commercial Spectrum Auctions” before the U.S. House Energy & Commerce Subcommittee on Communications and Technology, I issued the following statement: “As I stated in my testimony this afternoon, there are a number of benefits that auctioning more spectrum for the U.S. wireless industry would provide […]

A ‘Win-Win’ with Broadcast Incentive Auctions

Last month, we summarized our comments to the FCC on the importance of utilizing broadcast incentive auctions to ease the impending spectrum crunch and promote continued wireless innovation. As we said then and have highlighted again in our reply comments on the proceeding, the Commission’s proposals in the “TV Spectrum Innovation NPRM” represent a crucial […]

Spectrum Efficiency – The Broadcaster Fallacy

Last week NAB submitted to the FCC a technical study by Uzoma Onyeije questioning the existence of a spectrum crisis.  I was asked by several people in Washington if I planned to respond.  I thought to myself, “why would a lawyer respond to a technical study by a lawyer?”  So I decided that the better […]

Identify and Bring Spectrum to Auction States Verizon Wireless Charla Rath

At International CTIA WIRELESS 2011, we hosted a spectrum panel with policymakers and carrier representatives to discuss efforts by President Obama, FCC and our members to identify and bring additional spectrum to market. While the recording isn’t the greatest quality, listen to Charla Rath, vice president of Wireless Policy Development at Verizon, commend the FCC […]

A Lesson on Spectrum: Study Up!

Today the NAB released yet another “study” in its frenetic, reality-defying campaign to prove that America is not facing a spectrum shortfall. We are tempted to again recite the facts on the exponential growth of wireless demand, the finite nature of spectrum supply and the inherent inefficiency of current broadcast spectrum use. Rather than restating […]

FCC is Taking the Right Steps on Broadcast Incentive Auctions

It’s undeniable that the impending spectrum crunch threatens the “virtuous cycle” of innovation that drives our industry and provides Americans with the hottest wireless devices and services. Without more spectrum, the innovation, consumer satisfaction and America’s status as the world’s wireless leader is at risk. These are the reasons we are so focused on getting […]

Deja Vu – NAB’s Latest Stall Tactics on Spectrum

Here we are again (and again), a little more than a week removed from our last response to an NAB effort to stall incentive auction legislation, feeling the need to put together another response. NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith presented the annual NAB “State of the Industry” address during the 2011 NAB Show. Mr. Smith […]

CTIA-The Wireless Association Statement on NAB’s Keynote by Gordon Smith

In response to NAB’s President and CEO Gordon Smith’s keynote at its conference today, I released the following statement: “While I am not inclined to respond to NAB every time it repeats its opposition to incentive auctions, since this is NAB’s conference, CTIA and the wireless industry thought we’d respond to this set of desperate […]

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