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Summer Silliness

Yesterday, the New America Foundation released a paper titled “Public Media, Spectrum Policy and Rethinking Public Interest Obligations for the 21st Century.” The paper was supported by a grant from the Open Society Foundations. In the interest of saving you the time it takes to read the paper, so you can put your time to […]

A Wireless Future

Wireless has revolutionized the way we communicate and conduct business. In this month’s Wonder of Wireless (WOW) Policy Point, we look at the ways wireless continues to transform industries across the globe and provide consumers with mobile broadband at anyplace and anytime. As we look toward the future of wireless, M2M devices will be prolific […]

Wireless Visionary

The future of wireless is exciting and unpredictable, but numerous experts say that wireless connectivity will definitely be ubiquitous. With the “Internet of Things” projected to be even more prolific, many household items will be connected via wireless broadband. CTIA talks with New York Times Futurist-in-Residence Michael Rogers on his projections for what wireless – […]

Investment + Commitment + Spectrum = Benefits for Wireless Consumers

In our initial comments for the FCC’s 16th Annual Mobile Competition Report, we shared data from our semi-annual survey that proves the U.S. wireless industry is competitive which means great benefits for consumers. In our reply comments, we provided third party research that shows the U.S. leads the world in wireless even though we have […]

CTIA Wireless: More Spectrum Boon to Economy

Steve Largent, President and CEO of CTIA-The Wireless Association®, references a report from Recon Analytics that found that the economic impact from the National Broadband Plan’s 500 MHz of additional spectrum would create an additional $166 billion to GDP, generate $37 billion in government revenue and add 350,000 jobs. Visit the International CTIA WIRELESS® 2012 […]

CTIA Wireless: Internet Creates “Tectonic Shift”

Joe Kennedy, CEO and President of Pandora, describes “tectonic shifts” that create massive opportunities for visionaries. This includes the Internet distribution model of one-to-one instead of the broadcast distribution model of one-to-many. Visit the International CTIA WIRELESS® 2012 show highlights page for more pics, videos and conference coverage.

CTIA Response to NAB’s Spectrum Letter

In response to the NAB’s spectrum letter today, I said: “The flat-earthers at NAB are at it again, denying the existence of a spectrum crunch that experts across the developed world recognize as the most serious challenge facing the mobile industry. While the NAB is committed to its ‘deny and delay’ strategy, the mobile industry […]

CTIA Wireless: Wireless – Fastest Innovation Record

According to a recent study, there are now more wireless devices than homes with electricity or running water. Julius Genachowski, Chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, says that wireless devices are the computing platform that has reached the most number of people in the shortest amount of time.

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