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The U.S. is a Global Leader in 4G LTE

The U.S. is a global leader in 4G LTE. We were one of the first countries to deploy 4G LTE starting in 2010 and have expanded coverage, deployed advanced technology and enabled high speed broadband networks to stay at the forefront. We are one of the world’s leaders in 4G LTE coverage. Mosaik Solutions recently reported […]

Washington Talks Wireless with Meredith Attwell Baker & FCC Commissioners

CTIA President and CEO Meredith Attwell Baker sits down with FCC Commissioners at #SuperMobility 2015 to discuss a range of wireless policy issues, including the upcoming 600 MHz Broadcast Incentive Auction, E-911, Open Internet regulations and more. Panelists offer insights on how best to ensure the continued growth of and investment in the nation’s mobile […]

CTO Roundtable: CTIA’s Sawanobori on 4G Coverage

During the CTO Roundtable at #SuperMobility 2015, CTIA’s Sawanobori notes that over 99 percent of US customers have 4G access and that we lead the 4G LTE rates around the world. Catch more highlights by visiting our website!

CTIA Statement on Wireless Innovation Act (S. 1618)

After the introduction of the Wireless Innovation Act (S. 1618), I said: “With this legislation, Senators Rubio, Wicker, Ayotte, Gardner and Johnson make clear their commitment to continued innovation and American leadership in mobile broadband. By creating a spectrum pipeline and encouraging more transparency and efficiency among federal spectrum users, this forward-looking legislation sets the […]

Exploring Ways to Promote Broadband Adoption and Deployment

Expanded access to wireless broadband can benefit all Americans by sparking innovative new business opportunities, providing Internet connections to under-served areas, improving public safety and fostering the development of countless health and education applications. This statement is as true today as it was when President Obama made it nearly five years ago. Since that time, […]

CTIA Statement on the Matsui-Booker Lifeline Legislation

After Congresswoman Matsui and Senator Booker released their Lifeline legislation, I issued the following statement: “We appreciate Congresswoman Matsui and Senator Booker for releasing their Lifeline modernization legislation. As we will say in our testimony [PDF] tomorrow at the Senate Subcommittee on Communications’ hearing, we support efforts to expand mobile broadband use while carefully and […]

Looking Backward To a Permission-Free Innovation Zone

For years, the mobile wireless ecosystem has been characterized by new, creative offers that benefit consumers in the form of tangible and intangible economic and social welfare benefits. Unfortunately, since the adoption of the FCC’s Open Internet Order, we are already starting to see permission-less innovation occurring in industry sectors that the Open Internet Order […]

CTIA Files Stay of FCC’s Internet Regulations at the U.S. Court of Appeals

Today, CTIA and other members of the broadband industry filed a request for a partial stay of the FCC’s Open Internet regulations  at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. After filing the partial stay request, I said: “CTIA is seeking a stay to preserve the light-touch regulatory regime that, until […]

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