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mLearning – Revolutionizing the Classroom

Do wireless devices have a place in the classroom as learning tools? We certainly think they do, but we’re not alone. According to a study released by Digital Millennial Consulting in July 2010, mLearning apps are “changing the way teachers think about their teaching.”  The study tracked kids participating in Project K-Nect, a program that gave […]

Wireless: Empowering Democracy in Sudan

There are apps that let you read the news, check the weather or update your social network profile. You can even stream movies, get directions via GPS and pay for your morning cup of coffee. But did you know that wireless is empowering democracy in Africa by monitoring elections in Sudan? The “Sudan Vote Monitor,” […]

State of the ‘APP’

The number of available applications for cell phones continues to grow by the thousands with new ones available virtually every day. GetJar’s Patrick Mork talks about the enormous growth in the wireless applications market and the race across all countries, cultures and phones to provide new, useful and diverse apps.

Digital Goods Tax: Are You Being Unfairly Taxed for Your Downloaded Purchases?

Did you know that when you purchase downloadable items (e.g. apps, music, e-books), they could be taxed 2 or 3 different times by a variety of cities and states? There is no question that we are in a challenging economy. But what we are finding is that local and state governments are increasingly placing the […]

Wireless meets Fitness!

Wireless is now helping us shape up! Michael Williams from Digifit, shows how to track our heart rate and cadence with iSpinner and also talks about the different mobile apps that Digitfit’s Ecosystem offers to help us improve our health and work-outs. 

mHealth App Helps Army Members Recover from Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries and Other Wounds

As Army Reservists and National Guard members return home, the U.S. Army’s mCare program is available to help them. According to this story, mCare was started in June 2009 and “is a downloadable mobile application that facilitates two-way communication between patients, doctors and approved third parties. The application lets users store health-care information on their […]

CTIA to FCC: Continues to Prove No Broadband Reclassification Necessary for Wireless

In light of the recent attention on net neutrality, I thought it’d be good to look at some of our recent FCC filings. As we have repeatedly stated in our filings (e.g. NOI on Third Way, NPRM on Open Internet, etc), regulation of the innovative, competitive and consumer-oriented wireless broadband ecosystem has the potential to […]

Congestive Heart Failure Wireless Monitoring = Saving >$5 Billion

As we mentioned in an earlier blog post, more than 45 percent of the U.S. population suffers from at least one chronic condition (i.e. congestive heart failure, diabetes and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)). This is why today’s post focuses on a mHealth initiative that is combating congestive heart failure (CHF). Right now, nurses are able […]

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