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September WOW Wireless at Work: Apps Promote Safe Driving

To help keep teens and other drivers safe on the road, there are a number of apps available. Sprint Nextel CEO Dan Hesse explains an Android app that locks wireless devices when a driver is moving faster than 10 MPH. Hesse also talks about Sprint’s support of programs and initiatives to promote safe driving.

August WOW Wireless at Work: Apps Offer Security

Mobile applications continue to enhance the lives of wireless users, providing services that keep people in touch and sometimes aware of dangerous situations. See how the iMap and Skype applications help wireless users stay alert about severe weather and stay in contact with friends and family members in different places and situations.

mHealth Solutions: More Spectrum Needed

On Tuesday at the Institute for Policy Innovation panel on “Mobile Health: Innovations in Care & the Spectrum Challenge,” CTIA Vice President of Public Affairs John Walls describes to policymakers and their staff about how mHealth solutions are often bandwidth-intensive applications that need more spectrum. The rapidly dwindling supply of spectrum threatens to hinder or […]

Wireless Industry Innovation: Apps

While it’s hard to believe, it’s true: the U.S. wireless industry is only 28 years old. In the last 28 years, we’ve seen some amazing innovations and the possibilities are endless. To demonstrate the tremendous innovations in the industry, we’re going to highlight some of it in blog posts over the next few days. Today’s […]

CTIA Staff: More App Picks

This month we’ve shared some of our employees’ favorite apps—apps that connect you to social networks, check sports scores, read the news and even let you pay for your morning coffee. When we asked our employees which apps they enjoyed the most, we received a huge variety of apps in response—but given the 500,000 apps […]

CTIA Staff: App Favorites

As our loyal readers know, the focus of our blog and WOW webcast this month has been all about apps. We’ve been sharing our staff’s favorite apps, and we continue today with another list from a CTIA employee: Starbucks MobileCard Audible ACC Sports Fruit Ninja Netflix Share your app favorites in the comments section below.

CTIA Staff: Frequently Used Apps

Apps are what make our devices unique and are extremely personal. As we’ve been focusing on apps in January, we thought we’d poll some CTIA staff to tell us what their favorite apps are – and it gives you a little insight to our great team. Here’s another listing: Meebo Facebook Bank of America Yelp […]

CTIA Staff: More App Picks

This morning we posted a list of one of our employee’s favorite apps and now here’s another employee’s list which is completely different. This isn’t surprising since there are almost 500,000 apps from a variety of different app stores. Their favorites are: Wi-Fi Finder Fitness Tracker 90 OpenBeak Thomson Reuters News Pro Traffic Jam Cam […]

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