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The U.S. Army Marketplace Application Store

Our November blog theme is focused on the wireless products and services that help America’s military successfully conduct their missions while being safe. One innovative example we highlighted in the November WOW Policy Point is the U.S. Army Marketplace application store. This new store was previewed by WIRED earlier this year in an article that […]

WOW Policy Point: Wireless Is Changing Our Military

Mobile devices are improving everyone’s lifestyle, including the military. Some examples cited are the “Army Marketplace” applications store, which will include a variety of apps that help soldiers train and prepare for their respective jobs, navigate in unknown territories, maintain their health and stay better connected with medical personnel.

WOW Wireless Lifesaver: App Alerts First Aid Trained of Emergencies Nearby

When San Ramon Chief Richard Price saw an ambulance rush to an emergency situation next door, he realized that emergency personnel aren’t always informed of nearby 911 situations. Price’s fire department created the free nationwide “Fire Department” app to alert those who are first aid trained of nearby emergencies and help save lives.

Demo: Jumio Credit Card Reader

Daniel Mattes, CEO of Jumio, demonstrates his innovative mobile credit card reader app during CTIA ENTERPRISE & APPLICATIONS™.

‘Good Vibrations’ for Disabled Community

Looking for a way to differentiate between callers? During CTIA ENTERPRISE & APPLICATIONS™, I interviewed Base 2 Applications CFO Paul Benjamin. In our discussion, he weighs in on their new mobile app, ViBe, that allows users to set different vibrations to callers so that you can find out who is calling by the feel of […]

“Find My iPhone” MobileMe App – A Wireless Lifesaver

As anyone who is in the wireless industry can attest, we hear a lot of stories about how a wireless device helped someone out in a jam. It might be something as simple as letting someone know you’re running late or it could mean saving a person’s life. Since my wireless devices, like many of […]

FCC and FEMA Help Consumers Prepare for Disasters With Wireless Technology

Wireless technology is invaluable for consumers and public safety personnel, especially during emergencies. For those of us who were on the East Coast last month during the earthquake and Hurricane Irene, millions of used their wireless devices to let their loved ones know they were safe or contact 911 for help. Many also used their mobile […]

Business Turns to the Mobile Cloud

Since the House Science, Space and Technology Subcommittee on Technology and Innovation is having a hearing this morning entitled, “The Next IT Revolution?: Cloud Computing Opportunities and Challenges,” we thought it’d help to take a look at how a San Francisco-area construction company is using an enterprise app via the cloud to run its business. […]

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