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CPR-trained? Download PulsePoint to Help Save a Life

When we say mobility can help change lives, we mean it. I am so excited by our Foundation’s important work to support the PulsePoint CPR and PulsePoint AED (Automated External Defibrillator) apps. If a cardiac emergency occurs in a public place, this location-aware app alerts nearby CPR-trained users while simultaneously dispatching professional first responders to […]

Divide: Protecting Employee’s Privacy and Company Data

When an employee uses a smartphone or tablet for both business and personal use, it’s hard to separate the personal data from the sensitive corporate data that IT professionals must secure. A MobileCON 2013 MobITs Award finalist, Divide’s Director of Business Development Andy Zmolek demonstrates the company’s BYOD solution that separates and protects the user’s […]

CTIA Statement on the FCC’s Release of a Speed Test App for Android Smartphones

In response to the FCC’s release of a speed test app for Android smartphones, Vice President of Regulatory Affairs Scott Bergmann said, “Wireless carriers have been working for over a year with the FCC to expand the Measuring Broadband America program from fixed to mobile broadband services. Measuring broadband speeds in a mobile environment is […]

Mobile Safety Apps Saving Lives: August WOW Wireless Lifechanger

Real-time information is vital in times of natural disasters and impending weather threats, and the American Red Cross is increasingly turning to mobile to dispense vital safety tips for all kinds of emergencies. Vice President of Product Development in the Red Cross Preparedness Health and Safety Division, Dom Tolli talks about the ARC’s reliance on […]

App Notifies CPR-Trained Citizens to Emergencies Nearby: July WOW Wireless Lifesaver

PulsePoint Foundation President Richard Price explains how the public safety app notifies CPR-trained citizens of heart attack victims in their vicinity who need immediate assistance.

How to Remove your Personal Information on your Cellphone

Recycling or donating your old devices (and accessories) is great, but make sure you first remove all of your personal information. To remove your personal information from your cellphone, CTIA offers these eight simple tips:   To download and print these tips in both English and Spanish:

The Amazing Smartphone: No Guts, No Glory

No matter how you slice it, the wireless industry has undergone – and continues to go through – an amazing transformation. As of June 2012, there were almost 322 million wireless devices in the U.S., and almost 41 percent of them were smartphones (almost 131 million). This is a 37 percent increase from the previous […]

Got Something to Say? CTIA 2013 Call for Speakers is Now Open!

Planning and coordination for CTIA 2013 is well underway and now is your chance to get your voice into the mix. The Call for Speakers for the CTIA Thought Leadership Conference at CTIA 2013 is now open. This dynamic forum will tackle the hottest issues and topics in mobile, pushing attendees to stretch their understanding […]

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