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SMW 14: Speaker Perspective: J. Trevor Hughes, IAPP

Mobile privacy might seem like a complicated issue.

But according to J. Trevor Hughes, the President and CEO of the International Association of Privacy Professionals (IAPP), it’s doesn’t have to be.

“More and more often, the customer is in control of their privacy and security, but they often don’t realize it,” Hughes ...

Network at Super Mobility Week with SocialRadar!

As industry experts convene this week in Las Vegas for Super Mobility Week, attendees will come face-to-face with the individuals and companies they need for their businesses. To help take some of the guesswork out of networking, CTIA selected

SMW 14: Speaker Perspective: Rip Gerber, Locaid

In the future, what will be the biggest shaper of mobile privacy and security policy?

It’s simple — at least, according to mobility expert Rip Gerber.

“Freedom,” he says. Gerber should know — he has spent years at the forefront of mobile privacy and security.

While working at companies like Nokia, Carlson, and ...

SMW 2014: Speaker Perspective: Gordon Feller, Cisco

“Mobility has become an integral part of life,” explains Gordon Feller.

“It powers innovation.”

As both the Director, Office of the EVP at Cisco and the Founder of Meeting of the Minds, Feller is one of the world’s foremost experts on how mobile technology is changing the world. Over the past 30 ...

SMW 2014: Speaker Perspective: Michael Chasen, SocialRadar

When it comes to the next generation of mobility, one concept in particular has Michael Chasen incredibly excited: an even-smarter smartphone.

“We know our smartphones are powerful devices, but a lot of their potential is still untapped,” Chasen says. “Now the technology to use them as location beacons has become reality ...

New Technical Report on Role of Mobile Network Management in the Open Internet Debate

I’m pleased to announce that earlier today, we submitted a new technical report in the FCC’s Open Internet docket examining the unique technical challenges faced by mobile broadband providers and their impact on Open Internet policy. While lawyers and policy analysts ...

CTIA Statement on FCC’s Defaulter Rule Waiver for the AWS-3 Auction

Following the Federal Communication Commission’s approval of a waiver of the former defaulter rule for the AWS-3 Auction, I said:

“We thank Chairman Wheeler and his colleagues for their swift action to facilitate and encourage active participation in the AWS-3 Auction. This investment-friendly decision represents an important step toward a successful ...

Ericsson: Connecting Cities and Companies for Sustainability

Looking beyond normal business functions, Ericsson Vice President of Innovation and Business Development Kevin Durand discusses how it is using connected technologies to create a more sustainable business model by connecting cities’ utilities and transportation wirelessly.

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