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Trial Fusion: Adopting Connected Health

Once a company has a connected health product validated by a third party organization, Trial Fusion’s Chief Commercialization Officer Dan March explains how to encourage health insurance companies to adopt these products.

CTIA Statement After the CSRIC Working Group IV’s Released Its Cybersecurity Report

After the Communications Security, Reliability and Interoperability Council (CSRIC) released its report on cybersecurity, I said:

“CTIA and its members were key participants in this group that worked with others across the telecom and tech sectors to meet the challenge posed by the Presidential Executive Order and the FCC. Today’s report offers ...

Open Internet Order: Switching Realities

Yesterday, we addressed the FCC’s regrettable decision to ignore mobile broadband competition in its Net Neutrality Order. Central to the FCC’s argument discounting competition is that switching costs are too high. This is simply untrue for mobile consumers today.

Even a cursory review of the data – including the FCC’s ...

HIMSS: Barriers to Remote Monitoring

The benefits of remote monitoring are clear, yet there are still some barriers to adoption for doctors and hospitals says HIMSS Volunteer mHealth Committee Chair and Qualcomm’s Senior Director of Government Affairs Robert Jarrin.

Open Internet Order: The FCC’s Blind Eye to Competition

As every part of the Internet ecosystem slogs through the 400 pages of the FCC’s Open Internet Order and comes to understand the sweeping move to impose greater government control over the Internet's future, we wanted to highlight key infirmities and errors in the Order as it relates to mobile ...

Henry Ford Health Systems: Telemedicine Connects Hospitals Abroad with US Doctors

Discussing the organization’s recent effort in Saudi Arabia, Henry Ford Health Systems’ Wireless Solutions Architect Ali Youssef discusses how telemedicine services connect hospitals abroad with doctors in the U.S.

INFOGRAPHIC: Smartphones Help Keep You Healthy

From instantaneous symptom and treatment updates to opening up new channels of communication, wireless devices are changing the way doctors and patients are interacting with one another and improving overall health.

Extreme Networks: Remote Monitoring Post-Surgery

Keeping track of vital signs and warning signs, Extreme Networks’ Director of Healthcare Solutions Bob Zemke discusses how remote monitoring post-surgery helps send patients home sooner.

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