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Extreme Networks: Remote Monitoring Post-Surgery

Keeping track of vital signs and warning signs, Extreme Networks’ Director of Healthcare Solutions Bob Zemke discusses how remote monitoring post-surgery helps send patients home sooner.

TechStar: Looking for the Best mHealth Team

TechStars’ Managing Director John Fein talks about what the mobile health accelerator is looking for in a mobile health service.

Henry Ford Health Systems: mHealth Improves Outcomes

Henry Ford Health Systems’ Wireless Solutions Architect Ali Youssef believes that the defining feature is found in positive and improved clinical outcomes.

INFOGRAPHIC: Americans Get Healthy with Mobile

An increasing number of Americans are using their wireless devices to find new ways to stay fit, keep track of their diet and exercise and stay motivated.

CTIA Statement on Joint Release of Model Ordinance and Checklist to Streamline Wireless Infrastructure Deployment

Following the joint release of the model ordinance and checklist to streamline wireless infrastructure deployment, I said: 

“Continuing CTIA’s long tradition of working cooperatively with our local government partners, we are pleased to announce our joint release of materials with the National Association of Counties, National Association of Telecommunications Officers and Advisors, ...

HIMSS mHealth Roadmap Encourages Better Solutions: March WOW Insider Interview

HIMSS volunteer mHealth Committee Chair and Qualcomm’s Senior Director of Government Affairs Robert Jarrin discusses how practitioners and developers should use the roadmap and its case studies to understand regulatory hurdles to create better mHealth solutions.

Extreme Networks: mHealth Reduces Hospital Stays: March WOW Wireless at Work

While the positive financial impact of mobile health, or mHealth, helps hospitals and patients, Extreme Networks’ Director of Healthcare Solutions Bob Zemke says the real benefit of mHealth is helping patients spend less time in a hospital.

That Didn’t Take Long …

The FCC has yet to release the Net Neutrality Order and we are already seeing in the New York Times mobile providers around the globe trying to capitalize on the expected loss of investment and innovation in the U.S. wireless market.

In a sadly foreseeable development, reports surfaced that ...

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