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Safe Apps for the Connected Car: February WOW Insider Interview

AutoTech Council Executive Director Liz Kerton discusses the challenges and importance of developing apps for the connected car that promote safety and keep the driver’s attention focused on the roads.

Wireless Industry is a Leader with Safe Driving Campaigns: February WOW Policy Point

CTIA and the wireless industry have been early leaders to educating consumers about safe driving by creating and sponsoring public service announcements, campaigns and other educational materials. Most recently, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, CTIA and other wireless companies joined the “It Can Wait” campaign that illustrates the dangers of ...

Using Wireless to Find Parking: February WOW Wireless at Work

Parking can be a nightmare in most urban cities, but watch some San Francisco drivers demonstrate how wireless helps alleviate these woes with the real-time parking finder app. Finding parking quickly saves fuel and time, which are obvious benefits for drivers, but it also cuts down on traffic congestion throughout ...

Parental Controls: Setting Time Limits

From bedtime to during school or homework hours, parents may want to limit the time periods (and amount of time) their kids use their wireless device. identifies apps and features that when they can use their mobile device, or for how long. Look for the “Time” symbol (

CTIA on the Incentive Auction Timeline and Project Plan

Following the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) presentation at its January open meeting on the Broadcast Incentive Auction, I said:

“CTIA welcomes today’s FCC update on the timeline and project plan for the broadcast television incentive auction. The incentive auction is critical to unleashing necessary additional spectrum for mobile broadband, and will ...

CTIA on the FCC’s Adoption of a Policy Statement and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FNPRM) on Text-to-911

Following the FCC’s adoption of a policy statement and Further Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (FNPRM) on Text-to-911, I said:

“CTIA and its member companies have a strong record of enhancing public safety so that wireless consumers reach 911 in their greatest time of need. The voluntary commitment made one year ago ...

Parental Controls: Restricting Inappropriate Content

Just like when your child watches movies and TV, it’s important you know that the content they see is appropriate. Yet what is appropriate for one family may differ from another, even if the kids are the same age, so that’s why there are a variety of content restriction options ...

QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Kids and Wireless Devices?

How well do you know the world of kids and wireless devices?  Whether you are a seasoned digital parent or are just now exploring how to monitor and manage your kid’s wireless experience, take CTIA’s quiz below. For more information and tips, visit, a helpful resource for ...

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