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Focus on Education, Health and Safety: July WOW Policy Point

In this month’s Policy Point, we explore how the Wireless Foundation is investing in programs and initiatives that seek to improve individuals’ education, health and safety through apps, text message alerts and other wireless services.

Wireless Prostheses: July WOW Wireless at Work

New wireless technology and a mobile application allows amputees such as 2012 Paralympic Bronze Medalist Oksana Masters to self-adjust their prostheses and provides their doctors with user data and the ability to make remote adjustments, forgoing imprecise measurements, trips to the doctor and discomfort.

Best of Wireless Lifesavers 2013: WOW Wireless Lifesaver

In advance of the 2013 VITA Awards ceremony in July, CTIA highlights some of last year’s winners, Jordan Poulin of Michigan, Alexis Stannis of Florida and Ashok Agrawala of the University of Maryland in College Park, who all used wireless devices to save a life.

Wireless Parental Guidance: WOW Insider Interview

CTIA’s Vice President of External and State Affairs Jamie Hastings discusses, which provides information, facts and case studies for parents and caregivers to help them keep their kids safe and responsible in today’s digital world. Hastings also highlights the CTIA Mobile Application Rating System with ESRB, which are similar to those assigned for video [...]

Protecting Children’s Privacy: WOW Policy Point

This month’s Policy Point focuses on the Child Online Protection Act, or COPPA, which sets rules on what websites and apps can and cannot collect as well as requiring parental notification along the way. While COPPA was recently updated to reflect the changes in technology, CTIA and the wireless industry proactively developed best practices, tools [...]

Project K-Nect: Math via Wireless: WOW Wireless at Work

For students at Southwest High School in North Carolina, Project K-Nect is improving their math scores and confidence by using interactive learning via wireless technology. Students use tablets to collaborate in real-time with their teachers and other students, view videos and share answers, which is changing the way students do and feel about math.

Oregon Man Saves Trapped Child: WOW Wireless Lifesaver

Chris O’Neill was driving along Lake Oswego, Oregon when he saw an SUV teetering over an embankment. After using his cellphone to call 911, he risked his life by crawling into the unsteady SUV to save the 4-year old strapped in the backseat.

Isis: Mobile Interactions and Payments: WOW Insider Interview

Chief Technology Officer Ryan Hughes for Isis, the mobile payments initiative formed by AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless, discusses the development of mobile payments and how the industry is integrating smart interactions and security to bring consumers a seamless experience.

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