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Protecting Children’s Privacy: WOW Policy Point

This month’s Policy Point focuses on the Child Online Protection Act, or COPPA, which sets rules on what websites and apps can and cannot collect as well as requiring parental notification along the way. While COPPA was recently updated to reflect the changes in technology, CTIA and the wireless industry proactively developed best practices, tools [...]

Project K-Nect: Math via Wireless: WOW Wireless at Work

For students at Southwest High School in North Carolina, Project K-Nect is improving their math scores and confidence by using interactive learning via wireless technology. Students use tablets to collaborate in real-time with their teachers and other students, view videos and share answers, which is changing the way students do and feel about math.

Oregon Man Saves Trapped Child: WOW Wireless Lifesaver

Chris O’Neill was driving along Lake Oswego, Oregon when he saw an SUV teetering over an embankment. After using his cellphone to call 911, he risked his life by crawling into the unsteady SUV to save the 4-year old strapped in the backseat.

Isis: Mobile Interactions and Payments: WOW Insider Interview

Chief Technology Officer Ryan Hughes for Isis, the mobile payments initiative formed by AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless, discusses the development of mobile payments and how the industry is integrating smart interactions and security to bring consumers a seamless experience.

Mobile Banking Bridges Economic Gap: WOW Policy Point

In this month’s Policy Point, we look at how mobile banking applications are helping Americans who either don’t have bank accounts or don’t have adequate access to their banks so they can cash checks, transfer funds and access account information anywhere and anytime. Thanks to mobile banking, these users are able to save thousands of [...]

Mobile Commerce: An Evolving Business: WOW Wireless at Work

As customers start to use more mobile commerce services and applications, a panel of experts gathered at MOBILECON 2012 to talk about how mcommerce is evolving and its future for consumers and regulators.

BYOD: Friend or Foe?: WOW Insider Interview March 2013

Afzal Bari, a financial analyst for tech and telecom sectors at Bloomberg Government, discusses the pros and cons of allowing employees to bring their own personal device onto the company’s network.

IT Professionals Discuss Challenges of BYOD: Bring Your Own Device: WOW Policy Point March 2013

As more employees want to use their personal devices for work, IT professionals face the challenges of meeting the employees’ demands and the needs of the companies to secure and protect their information and their networks. In this month’s Policy Point, we take a look at this issue and how IT professionals are meeting the [...]

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