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Good Technology: The Value of Data: November WOW Insider Interview

Good Technology President and CEO Christy Wyatt talks about the often overlooked but irreplaceable asset in any company; data. Wyatt also identifies some of the barriers to protecting data and the importance of securing it within the enterprise.

Building Apps for Employees: November WOW Policy Point

With our continued dependence on mobile applications in our everyday lives, it’s inevitable that businesses develop apps to make their employees more productive and improve relationships with their customers. Regardless of a company’s size and function, enterprise mobile apps represent a unique challenge for IT professionals, who must strike a balance between security and usability.

MobITS IT Favorite Award: HP Anywhere for Mobilizing Workforce: November WOW Wireless at Work

HP Anywhere helps companies develop apps and mobilize their employees, as Product Marketing Manager John Jeremiah demonstrates. The software won the MobileCON 2013 MobITS IT Favorite Award.

How OnStar Helped First Responders During an Emergency: September WOW Wireless Lifechanger

After a severe storm nearly leveled a campground in a national park in Tennessee, injuring several families, Carole Cooper of Knoxville, TN used her OnStar communications service to call for help. While authorities worked to clear the roads, first responders walked to the scene and used her vehicle as a makeshift command post and eventually [...]

J.D. Power and Associates: Connecting Smart Energy and Homes: September WOW Insider Interview

J.D. Power and Associates Senior Director of Smart Energy David Steele discusses the potential value of and concerns regarding “smart” energy and homes.

Spectrum: The Backbone of Wireless: September WOW Policy Point

Wireless technology is connecting people and homes in previously unimaginable ways. Spectrum is the fuel that makes this wireless connection possible, but it’s a finite resource that is highly valued.  That’s why the wireless industry has been calling for the government to take unused and underutilized spectrum and auction it for its highest and best [...]

Smarter Energy with Duke Energy: September WOW Wireless at Work

Duke Energy built and is operating a smart grid that is providing the utility with vast gains in operations’ productivity and efficiency, and allowing consumers more control over and cost savings with their energy use. See how residents in Charlotte, North Carolina are benefiting from Duke Energy’s smart grid technology.

Mobile Safety Apps Saving Lives: August WOW Wireless Lifechanger

Real-time information is vital in times of natural disasters and impending weather threats, and the American Red Cross is increasingly turning to mobile to dispense vital safety tips for all kinds of emergencies. Vice President of Product Development in the Red Cross Preparedness Health and Safety Division, Dom Tolli talks about the ARC’s reliance on [...]

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