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Transparency in Mobile Apps: March WOW Insider Interview

What type of data do apps collect, and how are they using them? CTIA Vice President of Privacy Debbie Matties discusses app transparency, particularly what developers should do so users understand privacy policies and how to protect their information.

Securing Data on All Platforms: March WOW Policy Point

As technology becomes more sophisticated, so do the methods cyberthieves use to breach consumer data. From securing wireless networks to investing millions of dollars in cybersecurity measures, learn about the wireless industry’s efforts to secure user data and what the industry needs from policymakers to address and protect consumers from new threats.

What’s in a Privacy Policy?: March WOW Wireless at Work

Many apps use data such as your location to enrich your mobile experience, but many consumers are unaware of the information their favorite apps collect and how it’s used. Jonathan Zuck of the Association of Competitive Technology discusses the importance of privacy policies and the need to create readable versions.

Texting While Driving Simulator: February WOW Wireless Lifechanger

CTIA’s Vice President of Public Affairs John Walls demonstrates the “It Can Wait” campaign’s texting and driving simulator, available on its website. In a safe virtual environment so no one is harmed, users must read and send texts while driving, which helps illustrate the impossibility of performing these two dangerous activities simultaneously.

Safe Apps for the Connected Car: February WOW Insider Interview

AutoTech Council Executive Director Liz Kerton discusses the challenges and importance of developing apps for the connected car that promote safety and keep the driver’s attention focused on the roads.

Wireless Industry is a Leader with Safe Driving Campaigns: February WOW Policy Point

CTIA and the wireless industry have been early leaders to educating consumers about safe driving by creating and sponsoring public service announcements, campaigns and other educational materials. Most recently, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, CTIA and other wireless companies joined the “It Can Wait” campaign that illustrates the dangers of texting while driving.

Using Wireless to Find Parking: February WOW Wireless at Work

Parking can be a nightmare in most urban cities, but watch some San Francisco drivers demonstrate how wireless helps alleviate these woes with the real-time parking finder app. Finding parking quickly saves fuel and time, which are obvious benefits for drivers, but it also cuts down on traffic congestion throughout the city.

Wireless Improves Students’ Interest and Scores in Math: January WOW Wireless Lifechanger

A North Carolina school district is achieving remarkable success by integrating mobile technology into its math curriculum. In addition to preparing its students for the 21st century workforce and increasing their interest in and mastery of math concepts, the program also offers teachers a chance to learn from experts so they can better incorporate math […]

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