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Envisioning the Mobile Cloud

By 2020, it is estimated that 50 billion devices will connect to a mobile cloud. Ericsson’s Vice President of Strategy and Market Development Arpit Joshipura,  tells us about the different phases of mobile cloud computing and the positive impact it can have on businesses of all sizes.

2010 in Review: Making Smart Decisions with Holiday Cheer

With the holiday season upon us, you will likely find yourself at a party with friends and family. If you (or someone at the party) consume alcohol, please make a smart decision before you get behind the wheel of a car. While everyone knows the dangers of drinking and driving, you may not be as [...]

2010 in Review: Empowering Parents and Protecting Children in Today’s Wireless World

Whether you have kids or spend any time around teens, you’d likely agree with this Pew study: text messaging is the primary way that teens “talk” with their friends. While a wireless device allows all of us, including kids, freedom and serve as a public safety tool, we also recognize that there is a possibility [...]

2010 in Review: Wireless Helping Haiti via Text Donations

As we look back on 2010, it’s amazing to remember what has happened in the last 11 months. We started off the year with the unimaginable devastation brought on by the January 12 earthquake in Haiti. To help Haitians rebuild their lives and their country after the devastating earthquake, CTIA and the wireless industry partnered [...]

Wireless’ Role in Haiti’s Recovery

According to Trilogy’s President and CEO Brad Horwitz, wireless technology helped save lives in the immediate aftermath of the Haiti recovery and is now the focus of innovative programs to help earthquake survivors rebuild. Watch what he has to say during his keynote presentation during INTERNATIONAL CTIA 2010.

Wireless in the Ambulance

Information is critical for emergency care providers and there’s a new way of connecting first responders with the emergency room, via wireless technology. See how wireless broadband is providing real-time data transmission that can be the differences between life-and-death.

Wireless and Emergency Responders

Watch Trilogy International Partners President and CEO Brad Horwitz, one of the keynote presenters during INTERNATIONAL CTIA 2010, discuss the value of wireless technology in times of disaster to help save lives and provide critical communications for emergency responders.

San Juan, NM Safety Communications

Wireless plays an increasingly vital role in public safety, and few areas have a more collaborative and effective communications system than San Juan County, New Mexico. City, county and state law enforcement are interconnected with fire and medical care responders thanks to wireless interoperability.

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