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Keep States Accountable for Misuse of E911 Funds

Every day, there are almost 400,000 wireless 911 calls made. With nearly 30 percent of consumers living in wireless-only households, CTIA believes all wireless customers should have access to E911 services. Even though wireless consumers pay more than $2 billion a year in 911 fees and charges to support their state and local 911 systems, […]

“Find My iPhone” MobileMe App – A Wireless Lifesaver

As anyone who is in the wireless industry can attest, we hear a lot of stories about how a wireless device helped someone out in a jam. It might be something as simple as letting someone know you’re running late or it could mean saving a person’s life. Since my wireless devices, like many of […]

CTIA Statement on House Republican Cybersecurity Task Force Recommendations

After the House Republican Cybersecurity Task Force released its recommendations this afternoon, I issued the following statement: “While we will need to study the full set of recommendations more closely, we are pleased that the Task Force’s recommendations recognize that it will take a true public-private collaboration to advance America’s cybersecurity interests. We are heartened […]

FCC and FEMA Help Consumers Prepare for Disasters With Wireless Technology

Wireless technology is invaluable for consumers and public safety personnel, especially during emergencies. For those of us who were on the East Coast last month during the earthquake and Hurricane Irene, millions of used their wireless devices to let their loved ones know they were safe or contact 911 for help. Many also used their mobile […]

It’s Time to Replace Fiction With Facts

On Friday, I read another statement from the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) calling on government to intervene in the wireless handset ecosystem. This most recent NAB statement seeking FM chipsets in mobile phones contradicts NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith’s testimony at a recent spectrum hearing that it was not calling for a technology mandate […]

CTIA Statement on the GAO Report on Cellphones in Prisons

After the Government Accountability Office released their report, “Improved Evaluations and Increased Coordination Could Improve Cell Phone Detection,” I issued the following statement: “We are pleased that the GAO report recommends that the Bureau of Prisons’ Office of Security Technology formulate evaluation plans that both support a consistent approach to testing cellphone detection technologies and […]

E911, Alerts & Emergency Apps

Information is never more important to have and to pass along than during a crisis or emergency. Today, wireless communication is providing us with a wide array of means to get help when we need it most, and TeleCommunication Systems Senior VP Tim Lorello tells us about some of them and what innovations we can […]

Public Safety in Emergencies

Time and time again, wireless communication has proved to be invaluable for public safety and citizens during emergencies. As we focus on 911 in August, we share a video overview about carrier preparations and how lessons learned from past situations are put into practice today.

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