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Guest Post: Sprint Prepares for Hurricane Joaquin

The following is a guest post from Sprint on how it is preparing for Hurricane Joaquin: Preparations Ahead of the Storm In order to protect its wireless networks from the impact of a tropical storm and help keep customers connected during a natural disaster, Sprint has taken various preparedness measures, including: Investing billions of dollars […]

Guest Post: AT&T Prepares for Hurricane Joaquin

The following is a guest post from AT&T on how it is preparing for Hurricane Joaquin: As Hurricane Joaquin approaches the eastern U.S., AT&T is prepared to keep customers connected. The AT&T Global Network Operations Center (GNOC), Local Network Teams, and the Network Disaster Recovery (NDR) teams are actively managing preparedness activities for this hurricane. […]

Are You Ready for Hurricane Joaquin: Prepare Yourself & Your Mobile Devices

Watch this ~30 second PSA to remind you to prepare yourself and your mobile device(s) in case of emergency. Visit our website for more information and tips.

NEAD invites vendors to present views for the National Emergency Address Database (NEAD)

As part of the continuing effort to improve wireless 9-1-1 location accuracy consistent with a recent FCC Order, the NEAD LLC is inviting interested vendors to present their views for the National Emergency Address Database (NEAD). The NEAD is an innovative approach to enabling wireless providers to deliver a dispatchable location (i.e. street address plus […]

CTIA Statement on the Mobile Device Theft Prevention Working Group Recommendations

After the Mobile Device Theft Prevention Working Group issued recommendations, I said: “CTIA and the wireless industry remain committed to educating consumers about how to protect their mobile devices and personal information in the event their device is lost or stolen. As part of our ongoing commitment, CTIA and many of our members were leaders on […]

VITA 2015 Reception Recap

Last night at the VITA 2015 Reception, the wireless industry celebrated connectivity and the power of mobility as a force for good. It was also an occasion to support the important work of The Wireless Foundation as well as recognize Senator John Thune with the first-ever Mobile Life Award for his commitment to fostering wireless […]

PulsePoint: Crowdsourcing CPR to Help Cardiac Arrest Victims: April WOW Wireless at Work

Using PulsePoint, CPR-trained individuals are alerted to nearby cardiac arrest victims to provide assistance until first responders arrive on the scene. PulsePoint President Richard Price explains how the location-based app works in hundreds of communities across the country. By providing CPR immediately, cardiac arrest victims are two to three times more likely to survive.

Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Improves E9-1-1 Location Accuracy

Wireless carriers and public safety developed a plan to improve the location information for 9-1-1 calls made from mobile phones. Using existing Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology, the first responders’ gold standard, referred to as “dispatchable address,” will provide the floor, apartment or suite number in case the caller is not able to give that level […]

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