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CTIA Statement After the FCC Approved a NPRM on Wireless Emergency Alerts

I issued this statement: “Since the launch of Wireless Emergency Alerts in 2012, wireless providers have voluntarily embraced this important program, saving lives and protecting citizens from harm by distributing more than 20,000 alerts sent by government authorities. In this successful public-private partnership, CTIA and the wireless industry worked with the FCC, FEMA and numerous alerting […]

Mobile Voice and Broadband Regulatory Parity: What’s Good for the Goose Isn’t Good for the Gander

This week we are continuing our series of blog posts identifying the array of legal, factual, and historical leaps that the FCC had to make in order to impose 1930’s-style common carrier regulation on what has been – until now – the vibrant competitive wireless broadband marketplace of the 21st century. We will review the […]

I Accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

After being challenged by AT&T’s Ralph de la Vega, I accepted the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. In honor of Ralph and his great team at AT&T, CTIA will also make a donation to support ALS research. We support research of all kinds, not just wireless and tech. But who am I challenging now? I know […]

CTIA Statement In Response to the NTIA’s Petition to the FCC on Unlocked Mobile Devices

In response to the NTIA’s petition to the FCC on unlocked mobile devices, I said: “While we have not yet reviewed NTIA’s petition on cellphone unlocking filed today, CTIA welcomes the opportunity to work with the Administration and the FCC to highlight the wealth of device options that exist for U.S. consumers today and carriers’ […]

How the City of Boston Reduces Water Leaks and Improve Maintenance

In an effort to better manage water quality and flow as well as sewage disposal for millions of homes and businesses, the Boston Metropolitan Water Resources Authority has retrofitted hundreds of their underground meters with wireless chips to collect instantaneous data. This information helps the Boston Water Authority workers identify leaks and other problems in […]

Cutting Health Costs By Going Wireless

Congestive heart failure is a struggle for patients, but for those who are in rural areas, it’s even harder since access to medical care is challenging. Rita Yazzie, featured in this video, uses monitoring equipment to transmit vital signs and blood pressure from her Navajo reservation in rural Arizona to the Flagstaff Medical Center seventy […]

Wireless Prostheses

For Oksana Masters, a 2012 Paralympic Bronze Medalist and a double above the knee amputee, adjusting her prostheses meant imprecise measurements or trips to the doctor. Thanks to wireless technology, Oksana may remotely adjust the prostheses through an app or simply calling her caregiver. Whether it’s adjusting for a change of pace or terrain or […]

How to Remove your Personal Information on your Cellphone

Recycling or donating your old devices (and accessories) is great, but make sure you first remove all of your personal information. To remove your personal information from your cellphone, CTIA offers these eight simple tips:   To download and print these tips in both English and Spanish:

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