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CTIA Carrier Officers Ask Joint Select Committee to Authorize Incentive Auctions and Repurpose Federal Spectrum

Earlier this month, four members of the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction wrote to the President expressing their support for voluntary incentive auctions but noting that incentive auctions alone are unlikely to be sufficient to address the well-documented demand for commercial spectrum. For that reason, Representatives Upton and Becerra and Senators Kerry and Toomey [...]

Citigroup vs. Engineering: I’ll Take Engineering

When the wireless industry gathered in San Diego this month for the 2011 CTIA ENTERPRISE & APPLICATIONS™ show, the overarching theme from the keynotes to the show floor was unmistakable:  American citizens and American businesses are increasingly harnessing the transformative nature of mobile broadband. This growing demand results directly from what we’ve termed the “virtuous [...]

CTIA, NAB, SIA, NRB and PCIA Say No New Taxes on Spectrum Licensees

Today, CTIA’s President and CEO Steve Largent, along with NAB’s President and CEO Gordon Smith, Satellite Industry Association’s President Patricia Cooper, National Religious Broadcasters’ President and CEO Dr. Frank Wright and PCIA-The Wireless Infrastructure Foundation’s President and CEO Michael T. N. Fitch, sent a letter to the members of the supercommittee to ask them to [...]

CTIA Statement on the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction Member Letter to the President on Federal Spectrum Below 3 Gigahertz

After Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction members House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Upton, Senate Commerce Communications Subcommittee Chairman Kerry, Senator Toomey and Representative Becerra sent a letter to the President to urge the Administration to make federal spectrum below 3 gigahertz available for commercial wireless use, I issued the following statement: “We are [...]

CTIA-The Wireless Association Response to NAB’s Spectrum Letter

In response to the NAB’s spectrum letter to members of Congress, I issued the following statement: “If this is how the NAB is showing their support for voluntary incentive auctions, then I would be fascinated to see how they’d respond if they opposed the idea. Frankly, I would imagine their messaging would look and sound [...]

Top 10 Questions on Spectrum

Since the end of August to today, I have spoken with more than 30 reporters on spectrum issues. Regardless of the latest report released or Congressional activity, I’ve noticed there are 10 questions routinely asked. I’m always happy to answer them, but thought I’d share the questions and our responses below. Why does spectrum need [...]

Largent Optimistic on Spectrum Auctions

Yesterday, CTIA’s President and CEO Steve Largent spoke with more than two dozen reporters from a variety of publications to discuss the wireless industry’s top priority, spectrum. During the interviews, Steve made it clear that it doesn’t matter if it’s through the super committee or regular procedure, the incentive auctions will happen because, “It’s good [...]

CTIA statement on Citigroup Spectrum Report

In response to the Citigroup report on spectrum, I released the following statement: “As we have said multiple times in the past, and has been recognized by a bipartisan group of lawmakers in the House and the Senate, the President, and the Chairman of the FCC, there is a need to bring additional spectrum to [...]

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