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CTIA Reader Poll: Consumer Tips to Check Wireless Usage

CTIA Reader Poll: Heart Health and Wireless

CTIA Poll: In 2011, Have You…?

Here’s this month’s CTIA Blog poll:

CTIA Poll: Kids & Wireless

We haven’t done a poll lately, so we thought we’d do one for August. In light of the recent MSNBC story that quotes Vice President of Public Affairs John Walls on “what age is appropriate to give your child a cellphone,” we thought we’d ask our loyal readers the same question.

CTIA Blog To Poll Its Readers Monthly. May’s Topic: Using Your Mobile Device in an Emergency Situation

We appreciate our blog readers and want to know a little bit more about you. Each month, we’ll ask you a quick question on a variety of wireless topics and issues. This month, we want to find out if you have ever used your mobile device (e.g. cellphone, smartphone, etc) in an emergency situation. This includes […]