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CTIA, NAB, SIA, NRB and PCIA Say No New Taxes on Spectrum Licensees

Today, CTIA’s President and CEO Steve Largent, along with NAB’s President and CEO Gordon Smith, Satellite Industry Association’s President Patricia Cooper, National Religious Broadcasters’ President and CEO Dr. Frank Wright and PCIA-The Wireless Infrastructure Foundation’s President and CEO Michael T. N. Fitch, sent a letter to the members of the supercommittee to ask them to [...]

CTIA Statement on the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction Member Letter to the President on Federal Spectrum Below 3 Gigahertz

After Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction members House Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Upton, Senate Commerce Communications Subcommittee Chairman Kerry, Senator Toomey and Representative Becerra sent a letter to the President to urge the Administration to make federal spectrum below 3 gigahertz available for commercial wireless use, I issued the following statement: “We are [...]

CTIA-The Wireless Association Response to NAB’s Spectrum Letter

In response to the NAB’s spectrum letter to members of Congress, I issued the following statement: “If this is how the NAB is showing their support for voluntary incentive auctions, then I would be fascinated to see how they’d respond if they opposed the idea. Frankly, I would imagine their messaging would look and sound [...]

CTIA Statement on House Republican Cybersecurity Task Force Recommendations

After the House Republican Cybersecurity Task Force released its recommendations this afternoon, I issued the following statement: “While we will need to study the full set of recommendations more closely, we are pleased that the Task Force’s recommendations recognize that it will take a true public-private collaboration to advance America’s cybersecurity interests. We are heartened [...]

Largent Optimistic on Spectrum Auctions

Yesterday, CTIA’s President and CEO Steve Largent spoke with more than two dozen reporters from a variety of publications to discuss the wireless industry’s top priority, spectrum. During the interviews, Steve made it clear that it doesn’t matter if it’s through the super committee or regular procedure, the incentive auctions will happen because, “It’s good [...]

Business Turns to the Mobile Cloud

Since the House Science, Space and Technology Subcommittee on Technology and Innovation is having a hearing this morning entitled, “The Next IT Revolution?: Cloud Computing Opportunities and Challenges,” we thought it’d help to take a look at how a San Francisco-area construction company is using an enterprise app via the cloud to run its business. [...]

Building Bridges with KTOA

There’s no question that the world is at your fingertips with wireless communication, as it allows us to connect with friends, family and business associates all over the world, virtually anytime and anywhere. The global nature of wireless makes it more important than ever that CTIA-The Wireless Association remains actively engaged with the international wireless [...]

Want better wireless service in America? Let us purchase more spectrum.

At best, Joshua Topolsky’s piece this afternoon was disingenuous. To suggest anything but the fact that our industry is the most innovative and competitive in the world is choosing to only see a fraction of reality. Instead of being flippant, look at the facts. In the U.S., there are almost 303 million wireless subscribers who [...]

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