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RSVP for CTIA Conference and Webinar: New Developments in Tower Siting Law

CTIA is sponsoring a conference and teleconference/webinar on Friday, April 20, highlighting important new developments in tower siting law and regulation. One of the key goals of federal policymakers is to promote wireless broadband build-out, and the Administration, Congress and the FCC have recognized that this cannot be achieved without expeditious tower siting. This CTIA […]

Cybersecurity Silver Bullet is an Industry Partnership

As Steve mentioned this morning, cybersecurity is one of the wireless industry’s top priorities. After attending the House Subcommittee on Communications and Technology hearing entitled, “Cybersecurity: Threats to Communications Networks and Public-Sector Responses,” I was pleased that many policymakers and witnesses recognized there is no “silver-bullet” to effective cybersecurity countermeasures. Instead, effective cybersecurity is an […]

Cybersecurity: One of the U.S. Wireless Industry’s Priorities

Cybersecurity is extremely important to CTIA and our members. Earlier this month, we announced John Marinho joined CTIA as our Vice President of Technology and Cybersecurity. With his extensive background and knowledge of telecom and technology, he is leading CTIA’s efforts to help secure our members’ networks and devices against threats. In addition, he’ll be […]

CTIA Statement on the NTIA’s Spectrum Report

After the U.S. Department of Commerce’s National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) released its spectrum report, I issued the following statement: “While we are eager to read the report, we are happy to learn that NTIA concludes that they will be able to repurpose the 1755 to 1850 MHz bands. This hard work and commitment […]

CTIA Letters to FCC and NTIA on Implementation of Spectrum Legislation

Today, Steve Largent, President and CEO of CTIA – the Wireless Association® sent a letter to FCC Chairman Genachowski, Commissioner McDowell and Commissioner Clyburn addressing implementation of the recently-passed spectrum legislation. A similar letter was sent to NTIA Assistant Secretary Strickling. The letter applauds the Commission and the Administration for their efforts to enact the […]

U.S. Dept of Commerce Director General on Power of mHealth

Speaking at Medica 2011 in Dusseldorf, Germany, Suresh Kumar, Director General of the Commercial Division at the U.S. Department of Commerce, describes the intersection of healthcare and technology. He says wireless technology is the future of medical devices and systems, such as smartphones that can monitor heart rates and send this data to a patient’s […]

In U.S., “LTE” Means Speedy Wireless Nets Now, But For Many in Europe It Just Means “LaTE”

Shortly after filing comments last month on the State of Mobile Wireless Competition documenting U.S. wireless providers’ global lead in wireless competition, I was struck by an article that reaffirmed this lead and underscored the true benefits being delivered to U.S. consumers. The CNET U.K. headline says it all: “No 4G network for Britain until […]

“Appy” Holidays: The First Billion Download Week

I ran across this headline earlier in the week, and the clever turn-of-phrase both extended the holiday cheer here at CTIA and highlighted a remarkable achievement in the mobile market: 1.2 billion apps were downloaded during the last week of 2011, and that’s just for iOS and Android, according to Flurry. One-point-two-billion! While the growth […]

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