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CTIA Statement on the NTIA Code of Conduct on Mobile Application Transparency

On behalf of CTIA-The Wireless Association® members on the NTIA Code of Conduct on Mobile Application Transparency, I said: “CTIA has been encouraged by the experience of parties working together in the multistakeholder process. While member companies will need to evaluate the final Code thoroughly, CTIA supports company consideration of the draft Code of Conduct […]

U.S. is (Still) the World’s 4G Wireless Leader

This afternoon, I read this story, citing the European Commission, which said only one-quarter of Europeans have 4G access. While I certainly feel badly for our European friends since they cannot enjoy the blazing fast mobile Internet speeds, this is one of the many ways the U.S. wireless industry excels. It’s also why other countries […]

CTIA Statement on the Rhode Island Wireless Innovation Bill

After Rhode Island Governor Lincoln D. Chafee signed a bill to reform the state’s regulation of the wireless communications industry, I said: “We appreciate Rhode Island’s state government leaders for enacting this bill that encourages continued wireless industry investment and innovation, which is key to ensuring a competitive marketplace. With healthy and strong competition, consumers […]

CTIA Statement on the White House’s Executive Memorandum on Expanding America’s Leadership in Wireless Innovation

In response to the White House’s executive memorandum on expanding America’s leadership in wireless innovation, I said:  “We thank the President for reaffirming his commitment to bring 500 MHz of spectrum to market for wireless broadband, and for investigating new ways to bring even more federal and non-federal spectrum to market. This Executive Memorandum focuses on […]

Announcing Speakers for CTIA-FCBA State and Federal Policy Panels at CTIA 2013

We just released our CTIA-FCBA State and Federal Policy Panels at CTIA 2013 and have a fantastic lineup of speakers and moderators. Our group will have a diverse background – from federal and state policymakers to reporters to our members, there’s a depth and variety of experiences that will mean great discussions. Our program will […]

How to Actually Get Americans Online

This morning, my letter to the editor to The New York Times was published. With the word restrictions, I didn’t have an opportunity to show some of the ways that Ms. Crawford’s opinion piece missed the mark, so I thought I’d write this blog post. In her opinion on how to get broadband access to […]

Join CTIA to Stop States from Raiding 911 Funds

There is no question that our public safety professionals – first responders, police, firefighters, paramedics – are amazing individuals. They put their lives on the line to save others. While others run away from a disaster, they run to it. Quite simply, these men and women are amazing. So it is disheartening to read in […]

CTIA Statement on the FTC’s Second Kids’ App Rating Report

After the FTC released its “Second Kids’ App Rating Report, I issued the following statement: “While we have not had sufficient time to review the entire FTC report, CTIA reaffirms its members’ commitment to honoring and respecting consumers’ privacy and offering them a variety of safeguards. Those include numerous built-in security features and the ability […]

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