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CTIA Statement on the FCC’s May Open Meeting on the Spectrum Incentive Auction Report & Order and Net Neutrality NPRM

After the FCC’s May Open Meeting, I issued the following statement: “CTIA commends FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler, the Commissioners and the Incentive Auction Taskforce for their leadership in shepherding this Order that represents a significant step toward implementing a ‘win-win’ for consumers and the U.S. economy. This historic effort has the potential to unleash vital [...]

CTIA Statement on the FCC’s Net Neutrality Announcement

Following the FCC’s announcement on net neutrality, I said: “As we have said many times, CTIA’s members share a longstanding commitment to an open Internet and a vibrant wireless ecosystem because that’s what wireless customers demand, not because of regulation. The United States wireless industry leads the world in mobile broadband specifically because investment and [...]

CTIA-The Wireless Association® Statement on the FCC’s Open Meeting

In response to the FCC Open Meeting today, I issued the following statement:  “While we agree with Commissioners McDowell and Baker that net neutrality rules are unnecessary, and we continue to maintain that net neutrality rules are particularly unnecessary for the wireless industry that continually innovates, competes and significantly invests in our nation, we recognize [...]

CTIA’s Pres & CEO Largent Talks 2010 and 2011 Wireless Industry Priorities Continued

As we mentioned last week, CTIA’s President and CEO Steve Largent has been talking with a lot of reporters about the industry’s priorities for 2011. Here are some more stories, including an op-ed:  Wireless Week, Op-Ed: Net neutrality, spectrum top 2011 agenda, 12/12 – **NOTE: This op-ed was written and submitted in mid-November, before [...]

CTIA-The Wireless Association® Statement on Chairman Genachowski’s Remarks on Net Neutrality

After Chairman Julius Genachowski’s remarks on net neutrality, I released the following statement:  "Although we have not seen the specific language of the Chairman’s proposal, in his remarks, Chairman Genachowski emphasized the appropriateness of recognizing differences between fixed and mobile broadband. While we maintain our belief that any action in this area is unnecessary in [...]

Net Neutrality: An Attempt to Fix An Industry that Works

As I mentioned this morning, we’re looking at a couple of our recent FCC filings on net neutrality. Regardless of what filing we’re talking about, the fact remains that wireless broadband is a competitive, consumer-driven service that provides the Internet to the person. As CTIA reiterated in our recent filing to the Federal Communications Commission [...]

An Open Letter to the USA Today Editorial Board

We appreciated the opportunity to write an op-ed on net neutrality and why it should not apply to wireless. Unfortunately, we did not have a chance to read your editorial until it was published in the newspaper yesterday. We were surprised with your opinion piece as there were erroneous statements and only hypothetical concerns about [...]

CTIA says: ‘Third Way’ the Wrong Way

In light of the FCC’s reply comment deadline on Thursday on their proposed “third way” and to continue our focus on highlighting some of our recent FCC filings,  here’s a summary on our comments on the proposed “third way” regulatory model for mobile broadband Internet.  The “Third Way” the FCC proposes would reverse more than [...]

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