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mLearning – Revolutionizing the Classroom

Do wireless devices have a place in the classroom as learning tools? We certainly think they do, but we’re not alone. According to a study released by Digital Millennial Consulting in July 2010, mLearning apps are “changing the way teachers think about their teaching.”  The study tracked kids participating in Project K-Nect, a program that gave […]

2010 in Review: Empowering Parents and Protecting Children in Today’s Wireless World

Whether you have kids or spend any time around teens, you’d likely agree with this Pew study: text messaging is the primary way that teens “talk” with their friends. While a wireless device allows all of us, including kids, freedom and serve as a public safety tool, we also recognize that there is a possibility […]

CTIA Reminds Kids: Be Smart. Be Fair. Be Safe.

While I do not have kids, I have enough friends who do. Regardless of their children’s ages (including those of you with infants, you know who you are!), they are already wondering what the “right” age is to give their child a mobile phone. They’re also wondering how to keep their kids safe when they give […]

CTIA Statement After Testifying on Online Youth Safety

After testifying before the U.S. Senate Subcommittee on Consumer Protection, Product Safety and Insurance, I issued the following statement: “With more than 286 million wireless connections, Americans know first-hand the infinite benefits that mobile technology provides. But while many adults remember a time without cell phones, today’s youth have only known a world with wireless technology […]

Windy City, Wireless Online Safety and Education

Education. Education. Education. That’s the key to increasing wireless online safety for children, according to Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan. We couldn’t agree more. The General was the featured speaker at a half-day session today in Chicago, and she emphasized the importance of educating young people about the need to behave responsibly online, especially in […]

4 Year Old Wireless Hero

Earlier this week The Wireless Foundation held its annual VITA awards dinner, where it honors people from around the country who have used wireless in a heroic fashion. One of this year’s winners is four-year-old Kyle Sparks, who was able to save his mother when she became ill and lost consciousness, by using his mother’s cell phone […]

3-in-1: Police, Fire & Medical Emergency Personnel on One-Line with Wireless

When an emergency occurs, efficient use of time is essential. In San Juan County, New Mexico, city, county and state law enforcement are interconnected with fire and emergency care responders thanks to wireless operability. These wireless network connections have dramatically improved emergency response and helped each agency work together seamlessly.

Responsible Wireless Use

Wireless devices are fantastic communications tools, but it’s up to each of us to use the technology in a responsible way. That’s particularly important for young wireless users, and Alan Simpson of Common Sense Media shares his insight on how to safely use wireless communication and the appropriate role of various stakeholders including parents. To […]

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