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CTIA at Wireless EdTech: Economic Divides Closed by Wireless Technology

During the Wireless EdTech Conference 2011 in D.C. on October 20-21, CTIA-The Wireless Association® President and CEO Steve Largent says that wireless encourages global competition, helps close economic divides and provides opportunities to more people than ever before. Wireless products and services can also be a major force in the classroom.

CTIA at Wireless EdTech: More Spectrum for Mobile Learning

CTIA-The Wireless Association® President and CEO Steve Largent spoke at the Wireless EdTech Conference 2011 in D.C. on October 20-21. In his remarks, he explains that the U.S. is facing a looming spectrum crisis due to ever-increasing demand for wireless data. Largent describes that for the second year in a row, data traffic has increased […]

Kids and Responsible Wireless Use

Since the mobile Internet is quickly becoming more popular and the preferred way for millions of Americans, including children, to access the web, it’s important that kids are educated on responsible wireless use. CTIA’s talks with Common Sense Media’s Vice President of Policy Alan Simpson, who provides parents with simple tips to keep their children […]

Responsible Wireless Tips for Kids

Mobile device are improving the way we work, learn and live. While technology continues to evolve and offer new capabilities, we must educate others, including children, to be responsible users. CTIA provides parents and caring adults with tips to help you educate your children so they are safe and responsible mobile device users.

Be Smart. Be Fair. Be Safe: Responsible Wireless Use campaign

During his keynote remarks at CTIA WIRELESS® 2010, CTIA-The Wireless Association’s President & CEO Steve Largent announces the “Be Smart. Be Fair. Be Safe: Responsible Wireless Use” campaign. The campaign was launched in March 2010 to equip parents and teachers with tips and tools to help talk with kids about responsible mobile device usage. The […]

Kids and Online Safety with Nebraska’s AG Jon Bruning

Wireless online safety is an important area of interest for state attorneys general. Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning talks about the combination of sensible legislation and parental responsibility to keep kids safe in the wireless world.

Kids and Online Safety with FTC

If you’re a parent who is looking for tips on how to talk to your children about online safety, check out this video interview. The Federal Trade Commission’s Assistant Director for Consumer and Business Education in the Bureau of Consumer Protection Nat Wood talks about the agency’s effort to assist in that effort, which features the […]

CTIA Poll: Kids & Wireless

We haven’t done a poll lately, so we thought we’d do one for August. In light of the recent MSNBC story that quotes Vice President of Public Affairs John Walls on “what age is appropriate to give your child a cellphone,” we thought we’d ask our loyal readers the same question.

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