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Parental Controls: Controlling Your Kid’s Device Usage

CTIA’s, the resource for parents raising digital kids, lists parental control features from a number of device manufacturers and wireless providers. To help the busy parent, look for the “Use” symbol () to identify the apps or features that: Block calls and text messages from specific or unknown phone numbers; Limit use of voice […]

Cyberbullying: Tips and Tools to Protect Your Kids: January WOW Policy Point

What is cyberbullying, and more importantly, how do you protect your kids from it or prevent your kids from being a bully? To help parents with this issue, CTIA’s Growing Wireless provides tips and tools to help kids be safe and responsible online users.

Parent’s Guide: How to Manage Your Kids’ Cellphone Bills [Infographic]

Putting your kids on the family wireless plan keeps them in touch with family and friends, but without knowing the limits on calls, texts or data usage, they may run up your monthly bill. To help parents manage their kids’ cellphone usage, this infographic from Growing Wireless offers simple tips to set those important limits. […]

Parent’s Guide: How to Protect Your Kids’ Privacy & Security [Infographic]

As children and teens interact more with digital platforms through their wireless devices, sharing photos and even their location, it’s important parents talk with their kids on how to stay safe. This infographic from Growing Wireless offers parents tools and advice to protect their children’s privacy and keep their information secure. Growing Wireless will be […]

Parent’s Guide: How to Respond to Sexting [Infographic]

A recent study found that 46 percent of adolescents had received a message or picture with “sexual content” that their parents would disapprove of, often referred to as “sexting.” While these images may be intended for one recipient, they are usually forwarded to others. To help parents understand this sensitive issue and prevent their kids […]

Parent’s Guide: How to Respond to Cyberbullying [Infographic]

According one survey, more than 40 percent of teens have experienced cyberbullying. This destructive behavior comes through text messages, social networks and phone calls, and can have lasting effects on children and teens. To help parents, Growing Wireless created this infographic with tips on how parents can address cyberbullying with their kids.   Growing Wireless […]

Why You Shouldn’t Get Your Kids a Cellphone (Until…)

Yes, it’s true. I am the head of the trade association that promotes wireless technology, but I am strongly advising you to avoid getting your kids mobile devices…until you are ready to work with them to create rules for their wireless use. My kids are adults, but once my grandkids are ready to have their […]

New Orleans & DC Residents: Find the Best School Using CTIA’s Apps

For families in New Orleans and Washington, D.C., finding the “best” school for your kids may be a challenge. That’s why The Wireless Foundation supported the development of the NOLA Parent’s Guide and MyDCcharters apps to give you information on charter schools such as the location of the closest school, the school’s performance, program offerings […]

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