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QUIZ: Distracted Driving: Teens Behind the Wheel

Teenage drivers, often the most inexperienced drivers on the road, are the most at risk for distracted driving. Take the quiz below and test your knowledge of how teenagers are handling their responsibilities behind the wheel, and remind your teen to never text and drive.

Parental Controls: Setting Time Limits

From bedtime to during school or homework hours, parents may want to limit the time periods (and amount of time) their kids use their wireless device. identifies apps and features that when they can use their mobile device, or for how long. Look for the “Time” symbol () for those apps and features in [...]

Parental Controls: Restricting Inappropriate Content

Just like when your child watches movies and TV, it’s important you know that the content they see is appropriate. Yet what is appropriate for one family may differ from another, even if the kids are the same age, so that’s why there are a variety of content restriction options available from a number of [...]

QUIZ: How Well Do You Know Kids and Wireless Devices?

How well do you know the world of kids and wireless devices?  Whether you are a seasoned digital parent or are just now exploring how to monitor and manage your kid’s wireless experience, take CTIA’s quiz below. For more information and tips, visit, a helpful resource for parenting in the digital age.

Parental Controls: Calculating Data Usage

How much data do your kids need to use their mobile devices? In addition to, which gives you an estimate on some of the most popular apps’ data usage BEFORE you download them, there are also parental control tools available to help you estimate your kids (or your own) usage before choosing your data [...]

Parental Controls: Controlling Your Kid’s Device Usage

CTIA’s, the resource for parents raising digital kids, lists parental control features from a number of device manufacturers and wireless providers. To help the busy parent, look for the “Use” symbol () to identify the apps or features that: Block calls and text messages from specific or unknown phone numbers; Limit use of voice [...]

Cyberbullying: Tips and Tools to Protect Your Kids: January WOW Policy Point

What is cyberbullying, and more importantly, how do you protect your kids from it or prevent your kids from being a bully? To help parents with this issue, CTIA’s Growing Wireless provides tips and tools to help kids be safe and responsible online users.

Parent’s Guide: How to Manage Your Kids’ Cellphone Bills [Infographic]

Putting your kids on the family wireless plan keeps them in touch with family and friends, but without knowing the limits on calls, texts or data usage, they may run up your monthly bill. To help parents manage their kids’ cellphone usage, this infographic from Growing Wireless offers simple tips to set those important limits. [...]

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