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Mobile Education and the Wireless Industry… “Anytime, anywhere learning”

At the recent CTIA WIRELESS show in New Orleans I was so astounded by how wireless has truly revolutionized the area of mobile education that I thought it would make sense to briefly investigate the intersection of mobile broadband and education. We visited a local public school in Arlington, Virginia to get a sense of [...]

Guest Post from Sprint: Protect your smartphone in case it is lost or stolen

In the last couple of weeks, we’ve been highlighting some of the wireless industry’s tools and tips to help consumers protect themselves and their smartphones from being stolen. Today’s guest post was originally published on the Sprint Community site on April 18 from JGatSprint. It is disconcerting to think about losing your smartphone. From email [...]

Guest Post from T-Mobile USA: Report a lost or stolen phone

We’re continuing to help educate consumers about the tools and tips they can use to protect themselves and their smartphones from being stolen (reminder about the four steps to deter smartphone thefts). Today’s guest blog post is from T-Mobile USA on what its customers should do if their devices are lost or stolen. For more [...]

Guest Post from AT&T: Protecting Your Device, Protecting Your Information

As part of our continued efforts to educate consumers about the tools and tips they can use to protect themselves and their smartphones from being stolen (as part of the four steps to deter smartphone thefts), we’re posting some information from the participating wireless companies. Today’s guest blog post was originally posted on the AT&T [...]

U.S. Wireless Industry Announces Steps to Help Deter Smartphone Thefts and Protect Consumer Data

CTIA and its members always want America’s wireless users to be safe. This morning, CTIA and participating wireless companies announced the following four steps to help deter smartphone thefts and protect consumer data. These four voluntary industry commitments by CTIA and our participating members will effectively address this issue while continuing to evolve as new [...]

Mobile Financial Service Benefits Haiti

Wireless has played a major role to rebuild Haiti after the devastating earthquake in 2010. As part of our March blog theme highlighting international wireless use, today’s video shows the mobile banking system in Haiti established by Trilogy International Partners and Mercy Corps. With the help of a $10 million incentive fund launched by The [...]

Tweet for Help Using Your Mobile Phone

On March 11, 2011, Japan was devastated by an earthquake and tsunami that claimed the lives of more than 15,000 people. That disaster, like important events that happen across the globe, was shared nearly instantaneously to wide audiences with the help of social media services such as Twitter. With a wireless device, broadcasting a tweet [...]

The rEvolution of Wireless Handsets: From the “Brick” to the DROID RAZR

It’s my third week since I’ve joined CTIA, and I’ve decided to introduce myself by writing a blog post on the incredible “rEvolution” of wireless handsets. I may be new to CTIA, but I’ve had a mobile device since 1999—and I’ve never looked back! For those of us who are old enough to remember the [...]

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