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A Mobile Sector Snapshot for the New FCC

As we welcome Chairman Wheeler and Commissioner O’Rielly to the FCC, their arrival represents a natural opportunity to highlight the significant economic contributions of the U.S. mobile marketplace—the jaw-dropping investment, value, innovation and job creation that make the U.S. mobile sector the envy of the world. Earlier today, I sent a letter to the new […]

Building Apps for Employees: November WOW Policy Point

With our continued dependence on mobile applications in our everyday lives, it’s inevitable that businesses develop apps to make their employees more productive and improve relationships with their customers. Regardless of a company’s size and function, enterprise mobile apps represent a unique challenge for IT professionals, who must strike a balance between security and usability.

CTIA Statement on FAA PED Announcement

In response to the FAA PED announcement today, I said: “Consumers are increasingly reliant on their mobile devices to work, read, game and listen to music, and permitting these uses at take-off and landing can be accomplished without threat of interference to airplane communications or public safety. We’re pleased that the FAA has recognized this […]

Unlocked Devices: The Technological Realities

We’ve already addressed the topic of unlocking devices in FCC filings (such as this one) and blog posts, including this one that offers a list of unlocked devices available today. But as an engineer who has dealt with these issues at Bell Labs from the industry’s early days, I felt it was important that I […]

Lilliputian Systems: One Charge That Lasts Weeks

A finalist for an E-Tech Award at CTIA 2013 in Las Vegas, Mouli Ramani, Vice President of Marketing and Business Development for Nectar Mobile Power, shows off the Lilliputian Systems solid oxide fuel cell that powers devices for up to two weeks. The consumer-friendly version of this butane-turned-electricity charger is available for the holiday buying […]

Charge Doctor: Faster Charging Via Computer

From the show floor at CTIA 2013 in Las Vegas, President and CEO of Digital Innovation, LLC Colin Anderson displays the Charge Doctor, a wireless device charging solution. This E-Tech Award finalist helps computers recognize devices and charge at the rate of plugging the device into a wall, up to four times faster.

Mobile Safety Apps Saving Lives: August WOW Wireless Lifechanger

Real-time information is vital in times of natural disasters and impending weather threats, and the American Red Cross is increasingly turning to mobile to dispense vital safety tips for all kinds of emergencies. Vice President of Product Development in the Red Cross Preparedness Health and Safety Division, Dom Tolli talks about the ARC’s reliance on […]

OpenPeak: How to Secure Apps and Devices for Enterprise: August WOW Insider Interview

BYOD represents a security challenge for IT professionals, but OpenPeak EVP of Strategy and Business Development David Barclay discusses the balance between user convenience and keeping applications and devices secure.

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