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Mobile Enterprise Safety and Security

Mobile technology offers more sophisticated solutions and as a result, requires more secure access for employees. MaaS360 by IBM Senior Director of Product Management Anar Taori talks about managing devices, applications, mobile content, and ensuring secure mail and browsers.

Securing the Internet of Things: May WOW Policy Point

The sensitive data flowing between connected devices may make securing the Internet of Things a challenge. Leading the world in investment, the U.S. wireless industry is working to stay ahead of cybercriminals with market-based security solutions.

CTIA Statement After NIST Released its Voluntary Cybersecurity Framework

In response to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) releasing its voluntary cybersecurity framework, I said: “While we are still reviewing the voluntary cybersecurity framework, we commend the efforts by NIST and the Administration to work collaboratively with the wireless industry on this important issue. “Though the framework represents a potentially important step [...]

MobileCON 2013: Cybersecurity Summit

You know you need to protect your company and employees from cyberthreats, but do you know how to do this? That’s why you need to attend MobileCON 2013 in San Jose, CA October 16-18. You’ll have numerous opportunities to network and get actionable information throughout the show, including the two day CTIA Cybersecurity Summit: Threading [...]

What the Wireless Industry Learned from PC Security: Attack Threats Top Down

Tasked with keeping consumers’ information safe at the highest level, the network, AT&T Assistant Vice President of Public Policy Chris Boyer discusses the lessons learned from PC security. As mobile threats emerge, U.S. carriers are using research to apply preventative measures instead of just reacting. To maintain this successful proactive approach, Boyer discusses the need [...]

Nokia Siemens Provides Consumers with End-to-End Security

Consumers have high expectations of their devices and network operators, but what about security? Nokia Siemens Networks Head of Security Nils Ahrlich sat down at CTIA 2013 to talk about his company’s efforts to provide end-to-end security. Many users and subscribers recognize they play a role in their own security, but may be overwhelmed by [...]

TeleCommunication Systems’ Tips on Protecting Your Cellphone From Malware

While the U.S. wireless ecosystem continues to work together to create innovative solutions to cyberthreats, at the end of the day consumers are their own best defense from mobile malware. During CTIA 2013, Drew Morin, TeleCommunication Systems Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, provided some simple tips for consumers to protect themselves. CTIA provides [...]

Kaspersky Labs Defines Mobile Cybersecurity & Future Challenges

From targeting mobile devices and platforms to attacks on financial institutions and critical infrastructure, Kaspersky Labs’ Senior Vice-President Chris Doggett gives an overview of cybersecurity, efforts in the mobile arena and the challenges ahead. You can find more information and tips on mobile security on CTIA’s website.

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