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Alcatel-Lucent on Separating Privacy and Identity

The balance between defining your identity and protecting your privacy is a challenge for consumers, but it’s also something that manufacturers and operators struggle with as well. During the Power Panel at CTIA 2013, Alcatel-Lucent’s Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications Allison Cerra discusses her company’s consumer-first approach to privacy with former CTIA Chairwoman [...]

What the Wireless Industry Learned from PC Security: Attack Threats Top Down

Tasked with keeping consumers’ information safe at the highest level, the network, AT&T Assistant Vice President of Public Policy Chris Boyer discusses the lessons learned from PC security. As mobile threats emerge, U.S. carriers are using research to apply preventative measures instead of just reacting. To maintain this successful proactive approach, Boyer discusses the need [...]

Nokia Siemens Provides Consumers with End-to-End Security

Consumers have high expectations of their devices and network operators, but what about security? Nokia Siemens Networks Head of Security Nils Ahrlich sat down at CTIA 2013 to talk about his company’s efforts to provide end-to-end security. Many users and subscribers recognize they play a role in their own security, but may be overwhelmed by [...]

TeleCommunication Systems’ Tips on Protecting Your Cellphone From Malware

While the U.S. wireless ecosystem continues to work together to create innovative solutions to cyberthreats, at the end of the day consumers are their own best defense from mobile malware. During CTIA 2013, Drew Morin, TeleCommunication Systems Senior Vice President and Chief Technology Officer, provided some simple tips for consumers to protect themselves. CTIA provides [...]

Kaspersky Labs Defines Mobile Cybersecurity & Future Challenges

From targeting mobile devices and platforms to attacks on financial institutions and critical infrastructure, Kaspersky Labs’ Senior Vice-President Chris Doggett gives an overview of cybersecurity, efforts in the mobile arena and the challenges ahead. You can find more information and tips on mobile security on CTIA’s website.

Corporate Philanthropy: How Wireless Makes a Positive Impact on Health, Education and Safety

The wireless industry has changed the way we communicate, but it’s also leading efforts to improve health, education and safety around the world. Inside the Corporate Philanthropy Pavilion at CTIA 2013, The Wireless Foundation highlighted our member companies’ philanthropic programs and initiatives to share the inspiring stories with attendees on how wireless is making a [...]

Enterprise IT MobITS Award Submissions Now Open

You’ve worked hard this year, and now it’s time your ingenious mobile IT solution receives the recognition it deserves. Submit it for the MobITS awards. The winners, announced at MobileCON, will reflect the most innovative solutions to issues facing IT professionals, from securing devices and data to building apps for businesses. The MobITS categories are: [...]

Corporate Philanthropy Pavilion: Sprint

During CTIA 2013, Sprint showcased its consumer safety initiatives in the Corporate Philanthropy Pavilion. In addition to its internal work toward sustainability and accessibility, Sprint highlighted: 4NetSafety – Partnering with organizations such as Boys and Girls Clubs of America and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Sprint’s 4NetSafety program provides free Internet safety [...]

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