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MobileCON 2013: Sprint Hackathon

Calling all mobile developers! Next week during MobileCON 2013, in the heart of Silicon Valley, CTIA will host the Sprint Hackathon on the Solutions Exhibition floor. With prizes ranging from $1,000 to $5,000, there are six categories: Mobile Advertising: Working with Pinsight Media+, build your mobile advertising solution that brings in the eCPMs  (effective cost [...]

MobileCON 2013: Stellar Keynotes

From securing devices and the company network, to building your business through a mobile platform or payment system, MobileCON 2013 is the place for some of the most innovative minds in enterprise today. Set in the heart of Silicon Valley, MobileCON 2013 will happen October 16 – 18 at the San Jose Convention Center. You [...]

The 1-2-3’s of What a MobileCON Pass Offers You

In less than two weeks, attendees from around the world will gather in the heart of Silicon Valley for three days of actionable and powerful presentations and sessions at MobileCON 2013. But, do you know everything that a MobileCON pass offers you? Three Days of Keynotes and Networking Events Hear from CIOs and executives dealing [...]

What’s Your (Mobile IT) Problem? Get Help at the MobileCON Answer Bar

With less than two weeks till MobileCON™ 2013, what is your biggest IT challenge? In addition to keynotes, thought leadership and presentations on a variety of mobile IT and enterprise topics, CTIA took it a step further by creating a place for mobile IT professionals to take their problems to experts from companies including Adobe, [...]

Congrats to the MobITS Award Finalists!

365 days and 24/7, the enterprise IT pros are constantly working to develop, secure and improve businesses and how they interact with their employees and customers. It’s always been a tough job, but the challenges seem to increase from internal and external sources, such as BYOD, cybersecurity and privacy. That’s why we developed the MobITS [...]

Alcatel-Lucent on Separating Privacy and Identity

The balance between defining your identity and protecting your privacy is a challenge for consumers, but it’s also something that manufacturers and operators struggle with as well. During the Power Panel at CTIA 2013, Alcatel-Lucent’s Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications Allison Cerra discusses her company’s consumer-first approach to privacy with former CTIA Chairwoman [...]

What the Wireless Industry Learned from PC Security: Attack Threats Top Down

Tasked with keeping consumers’ information safe at the highest level, the network, AT&T Assistant Vice President of Public Policy Chris Boyer discusses the lessons learned from PC security. As mobile threats emerge, U.S. carriers are using research to apply preventative measures instead of just reacting. To maintain this successful proactive approach, Boyer discusses the need [...]

Nokia Siemens Provides Consumers with End-to-End Security

Consumers have high expectations of their devices and network operators, but what about security? Nokia Siemens Networks Head of Security Nils Ahrlich sat down at CTIA 2013 to talk about his company’s efforts to provide end-to-end security. Many users and subscribers recognize they play a role in their own security, but may be overwhelmed by [...]

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