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MobileCON 2013: Freeman on Working with Users

During the CIO Panel on the keynote stage at MobileCON 2013, Freeman CIO Richard Maranville discussed the importance for IT managers to work with users and find a middle ground in their devices between security and usability.

MobileCON 2013: Isis and Verizon Wireless: Mobile Payments Made Easier

Using near field communications, Isis is allowing consumers to shop, pay, and save wherever contactless payments are accepted. Mobile payments are simple and secure with Isis being PIN protected. To see if your smartphone is Isis capable, go to

MobileCON 2013: HP Anywhere MobITS Award Winner

HP has taken enterprise mobile application development to a new standard that covers the end to end mobile lifecycle. HP Anywhere is designed to help mobilize employees and make them productive wherever, whenever. Congratulations HP Anywhere for winning the MobITS IT Favorite Award!

MobileCON 2013: Comsearch: More Spectrum is Vital

By virtually every account, the wireless data crunch is coming in the United States, and its world leadership position in wireless is in jeopardy without appropriate spectrum allocations. Comsearch’s Mark Gibson shares his insight on the real need for more spectrum, and weighs in on spectrum sharing and the licensed-unlicensed discussion.

Last Day of MobileCON 2013

The last day of MobileCON 2013 starts with a CIO Roundtable on the keynote stage (also live streamed) at 9:30 a.m. PDT, and moderated by TechRepublic Global Editor in Chief Jason Hiner: Richard Maranville, CIO, Freeman Vijay Sammeta, CIO, City of San Jose Once the Solutions Exhibition floor opens at 10:30 a.m., attendees will have [...]

MobileCON 2013: CA Technologies: The Holy Grail of Mobile

During his keynote presentation on Day Two of MobileCON 2013, CA Technologies Senior Vice President and General Manager of New Business Innovation Ram Varadarajan talked about the need to harmonize the functions already happening within your business and acknowledge the demands placed on IT managers, such as security.

MobileCON 2013: Day Two Wrap-Up

MobileCON 2013 Day Two started with thought provoking keynote speakers who addressed a very important topic that was on everyone’s mind: is mobile enterprise the way I’m going to beat my competitors or is it the way they are going to beat me? Attendees heard from executives from Good Technologies, Juniper Networks and CA Technologies [...]

MobileCON 2013: Juniper Networks: The Value of Enterprise Apps

Speaking on Day Two of MobileCON 2013, Juniper Networks CIO and Senior Vice President of Technology and Business Operations Bask Iyer discusses the proliferation of apps and the need to make it usable for your employees as a consumer and provide real value.

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