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The Wireless Foundation’s VITA Awards for Using Wireless to Improve Lives

Last night, The Wireless Foundation held its VITA Achievement dinner, where it recognized individuals and organizations that used wireless technology to make a positive and significant societal impact. The evening’s honorees were (and read the Wireless Samaritans award winners’ inspiring stories): Congressional Honoree: U.S. Senator Jay Rockefeller Among the Senator’s many accomplishments, his leadership on [...]

Cutting Health Costs By Going Wireless

Congestive heart failure is a struggle for patients, but for those who are in rural areas, it’s even harder since access to medical care is challenging. Rita Yazzie, featured in this video, uses monitoring equipment to transmit vital signs and blood pressure from her Navajo reservation in rural Arizona to the Flagstaff Medical Center seventy [...]

Wireless Prostheses

For Oksana Masters, a 2012 Paralympic Bronze Medalist and a double above the knee amputee, adjusting her prostheses meant imprecise measurements or trips to the doctor. Thanks to wireless technology, Oksana may remotely adjust the prostheses through an app or simply calling her caregiver. Whether it’s adjusting for a change of pace or terrain or [...]

How a Smartphone Becomes a Microscope: Connected Health

This month’s Wonders of Wireless theme is connected health. While there are a number of great examples, we thought we’d highlight a few. Today, it’s CellScope. As this story from Tree Hugger states, “Microscopic images of blood samples could be used by doctors (or sent to doctors in a remote location) to identify diseases like [...]

Text4baby Turns 3!

Three years ago, The Wireless Foundation, CTIA and a number of its members joined the National Healthy Mothers, Healthy Babies Coalition (HMHB) to launch text4baby, a free mobile educational service designed to promote the birth of healthy babies, particularly those in underserved populations. The infant mortality rate in the U.S. is one of the highest [...]

Health Data: Mobile and Secure: WOW Insider Interview February 2013

West Health Chief Strategy Officer Dr. Mo Kaushal discusses the some of the regulatory, technical and user challenges of connected health.

Mobile EKGs in Ambulances Provide Doctors Vitals & Save Lives: WOW Wireless at Work February 2013

With support from The Wireless Foundation, The George Washington University provided DC-metro area first responders with mobile EKG machines. Since every second counts, this lifesaving wireless technology provides the doctors with the real-time access to the patient’s condition so they may determine the proper treatment before the patient even reaches the hospital.

How Wireless Provides a Big Picture of Health: WOW Policy Point February 2013

This month’s Policy Point looks at how input from searches or data from monthly bills is helping health researchers and experts to identify epidemics in real-time.

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