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Global Spectrum Conspiracy…Really!?!

After reading a number of letters and articles recently that suggested that the upcoming spectrum crisis has been fabricated, I thought it would make sense for someone at CTIA to weigh in to the discussion.  So I began to look back at the material, and to steal a line from my friend, “Really?” Honestly, I […]

CTIA-The Wireless Association Responds to NAB on Spectrum

In response to NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith’s letter to Congress on spectrum, I released the following statement: “The President, FCC, Congress, NTIA and other policymakers have made it clear that mobile broadband is vital to improving our economy because it will directly impact everything from jobs to education to health care. Wireless Internet access […]

Bringing Mobile Broadband to Rural America

Consumers across America love – and appreciate – mobile broadband because it allows us to access the Internet anytime and anywhere. That’s why mobile data usage continues to grow dramatically, making wireless broadband providers the fastest growing Internet providers in America (including both high-speed lines and advanced service lines). With consumers demanding mobile broadband access […]

2010 in Review: Mobile Data Usage Continues to Increase Dramatically

2010 has been a year of wireless data. The usage has exploded thanks to the fact that consumers can access mobile broadband anytime, anyplace. But don’t just take our word for it. According to the FCC, since 2005, mobile broadband providers have been the fastest growing broadband Internet providers (including both high-speed lines and advanced […]

2010 in Review: Wireless Industry Still #1 for Innovation, Competition and Investment

2010 has been another successful year for the wireless industry and more importantly, our customers. This year, government, third party organizations and our own semi-annual survey have all yet again shown that the U.S. wireless industry continues to be the most innovative, competitive and consumer-driven in the world. But my favorite factoid that shows how […]

Net Neutrality: An Attempt to Fix An Industry that Works

As I mentioned this morning, we’re looking at a couple of our recent FCC filings on net neutrality. Regardless of what filing we’re talking about, the fact remains that wireless broadband is a competitive, consumer-driven service that provides the Internet to the person. As CTIA reiterated in our recent filing to the Federal Communications Commission […]

CTIA to FCC: Continues to Prove No Broadband Reclassification Necessary for Wireless

In light of the recent attention on net neutrality, I thought it’d be good to look at some of our recent FCC filings. As we have repeatedly stated in our filings (e.g. NOI on Third Way, NPRM on Open Internet, etc), regulation of the innovative, competitive and consumer-oriented wireless broadband ecosystem has the potential to […]

CTIA-The Wireless Association® Statement on Today’s Spectrum Activities

In response to today’s spectrum activities by the FCC and NTIA, I issued the following statement:  “We appreciate the efforts of Chairman Genachowski and the FCC Commissioners to focus attention on the growth of mobile broadband services and the critical need for spectrum. The era of mobile broadband services offers tremendous opportunities for U.S. consumers […]

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