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Mobility Fund: Making Wireless Broadband Ubiquitous

As we said in a blog post in January, we support the creation of a Mobility Fund that would ensure wireless broadband deployment to all consumers in America, especially those in underserved or rural areas. At the same time, we cautioned that there were some changes that had to take place in order to adequately […]

ITU: More Spectrum is Essential

I recently responded to the ridiculous claim that there was a “spectrum conspiracy.”  In light of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) release on Friday, I find it pure folly.  The ITU acknowledges the billions that carriers have invested to expand capacity and notes explosive growth trends. They also find that governments around the world – […]

The Mobile Cloud: Spectrum and Mobile Broadband

Earlier this week we blogged about how the mobile cloud is transforming the way we access and use our data so no matter where you are, your information is accessible from almost any device with a broadband Internet connection. But when you make it wireless, the benefits of cloud computing get even better. With mobile […]

CTIA-The Wireless Association Statement on President Obama’s National Wireless Innovation and Infrastructure Initiative

In response to U.S. President Barack Obama’s speech on his National Wireless Innovation and Infrastructure Initiative, I issued the following statement: “CTIA and the wireless industry are excited about the President’s focus to ensure the entire U.S. wireless ecosystem continues to lead the world in investment and innovation. We are eager to work with the White […]

Telecommunications Act Turns 15. Now Let’s Get to Work on Spectrum

Washington loves anniversaries, and there’s one today – the Telecommunications Act became law on February 8, 1996. And as is often the case with such anniversary celebrations, we’ll likely see a slew of posts about the Act, pro and con. On the pro-side, it’s important to remember that the Act created the framework that governs […]

Global Spectrum Conspiracy…Really!?!

After reading a number of letters and articles recently that suggested that the upcoming spectrum crisis has been fabricated, I thought it would make sense for someone at CTIA to weigh in to the discussion.  So I began to look back at the material, and to steal a line from my friend, “Really?” Honestly, I […]

CTIA-The Wireless Association Responds to NAB on Spectrum

In response to NAB President and CEO Gordon Smith’s letter to Congress on spectrum, I released the following statement: “The President, FCC, Congress, NTIA and other policymakers have made it clear that mobile broadband is vital to improving our economy because it will directly impact everything from jobs to education to health care. Wireless Internet access […]

Bringing Mobile Broadband to Rural America

Consumers across America love – and appreciate – mobile broadband because it allows us to access the Internet anytime and anywhere. That’s why mobile data usage continues to grow dramatically, making wireless broadband providers the fastest growing Internet providers in America (including both high-speed lines and advanced service lines). With consumers demanding mobile broadband access […]

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