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Brian Josef

Brian M. Josef is Assistant Vice President of Regulatory Affairs at CTIA –The Wireless Association.

Since joining CTIA in 2006, Mr. Josef has worked on a wide range of issues involving spectrum, regulatory mandates, infrastructure deployment, public safety and homeland security.

Twitter: @CTIAbmj

In the Wake of Hurricane Patricia, T-Mobile Makes Calling and Texting To and From Mexico Free for Customers

The following is a guest post from T-Mobile: To help our customers connect with loved ones, T-Mobile is making it free to call and text to and from the United States (including Puerto Rico), and Mexico as the country recovers from the damage caused by Hurricane Patricia. This also includes free calling and texting within Mexico. While most T-Mobile […]

What You Need to Know about 911 Location Accuracy

CTIA and our members have a long history of supporting the first responder community, and we share the FCC’s goal to provide them, including those in the Public Safety Answering Points (PSAPs), with the tools needed to accurately identify a 911 caller’s location, regardless of whether they are located indoors or outside. Our member companies’ […]

U.S. Wireless Industry Snatching Opportunity from Smartphone Thieves

Last month, CTIA and the wireless industry once again extended their long line of consumer protection initiatives by announcing steps they are taking in partnership with the Federal Communications Commission and law enforcement to help deter smartphone theft and protect personal data. A key part of the effort – creating databases to prevent reactivation of […]

In U.S., “LTE” Means Speedy Wireless Nets Now, But For Many in Europe It Just Means “LaTE”

Shortly after filing comments last month on the State of Mobile Wireless Competition documenting U.S. wireless providers’ global lead in wireless competition, I was struck by an article that reaffirmed this lead and underscored the true benefits being delivered to U.S. consumers. The CNET U.K. headline says it all: “No 4G network for Britain until […]

How to Manage Your Wireless Account Using Your Wireless Device

**NOTE: CTIA has also updated a list on apps and tools carriers offer to help consumers manage their voice, data and text usage.** Yesterday, we highlighted key steps consumers should take to manage their wireless service plans when traveling abroad, in honor of the 2nd Annual FCC “Wireless World Travel Week.” Consistent with subscribers’ desire to […]

Consumer Tips on International Travel: What Your Carrier Offers

**NOTE: CTIA has also updated a list on apps and shortcuts using your wireless device to help consumers manage their voice, data and text usage.**  With the summer travel season in full swing, CTIA is pleased the FCC launched its 2nd Annual “Wireless World Travel Week.” CTIA takes this opportunity to remind you that using your […]