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Amy Storey

As CTIA's Assistant Vice President of Public Affairs, Amy Storey works with a variety of audiences, including the media, on wireless industry issues and policies.

Having worked in various capacities for Fleishman-Hillard, one of the world’s premier public relations agencies, as well as serving in key roles for a number of state level elected officials, Storey has considerable public affairs experience.

Storey graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison with a bachelor's degree in political science.

Twitter: @ctia

M2M and Machine to Man

Discussing how the number of devices outnumber people and the number of apps outnumber devices, SAP President of Technology and Innovation Sanjay Poonen shows the importance of mobile device and content management to secure the transitions between machine to machine and machine to man. Visit the MobileCON 2012 highlights site for more videos, pictures and [...]

Unleashing the Power of Mobile

RIM’s Chief Information Officer Robin Bienfait asks managers if they know where their business is going with mobility. Bienfait argues that in order to unleash the true power of mobile, enterprise needs to solve the concerns of hardware’s core infrastructure. Visit the MobileCON 2012 highlights site for more videos, pictures and conference coverage:

CTIA Releases Cybersecurity White Paper

CTIA President & CEO Steve Largent announces the release of CTIA’s white paper “Today’s Mobile Cybersecurity: Protected, Secured and Unified,” which illustrates the importance of mobile security as well as the role of collaboration in protecting consumers and enterprises from threats. Visit the MobileCON 2012 highlights site for more videos, pictures and conference coverage:

Connecting U.S. Soldiers with Mobile

Today’s U.S. military is finding tremendous ways to use wireless technology to perform its vital work to keep Americans safe, but leveraging civilian technology for their purposes can be challenging, particularly when it comes to something as important as communication. Mike McCarthy, director of operations at the U.S. Army’s Mission Command Complex, talks about the [...]

IT Pros Need Collaboration Cybersecurity

CTIA President & CEO Steve Largent discusses the results of a national survey of IT decision makers, which calls for more collaboration between government and industry. To improve end-to-end security or wireless devices, 96 percent believe that government should allow companies to share information to identify vulnerabilities and protect users from threats. Visit the MobileCON [...]

Red Cross Hurricane App Can Help You Prepare

In recognition of emergency preparedness month, CTIA is highlighting the American Red Cross Hurricane App.

CTIA Statement on the FTC’s “Marketing Your Mobile App” Guidelines

Please attribute the following statement to CTIA-The Wireless Association®: “CTIA supports the FTC’s ‘Marketing Your Mobile App’ Guidelines. These Guidelines are based on the FTC’s well-established Fair Information Practices, which have also been covered for several years in CTIA’s Wireless Consumer Code and Location Based Service Guidelines. Whether it’s around consumers’ privacy, including kids and [...]

Independent Research Again Confirms More Spectrum is Critical to U.S. Economy

While we conduct our semi-annual survey that provides usage, investments and other interesting wireless industry metrics, we also rely on independent third party organizations for statistics and facts. As we’ve done in the past, we created a one-page document that highlights some of the third-party research. Based on the results, it’s clear the U.S. wireless [...]