How to Find the Right Device for You

With new devices released almost every day, there are a wide variety of options for consumers, which also means there’s the “perfect” device to fit your unique needs. If you’re a senior or have disabilities, check out to find the best wireless device and service for your needs.

To help you identify the right device, here’s a list of questions:

  1. What devices are available from the wireless service provider?
    • Not all devices may be available on every single provider’s network, so what are your options from this particular provider?
  2. What do you want to “do” with the device?
    • Are you looking for a feature phone, smartphone, phablet or tablet?
  3. How much does the device cost?
    • Does the price differ if you sign a term contract?
    • Does the device require a specific service plan?
  4. Does this device offer security features to protect against theft and viruses?
    • What’s preloaded on the device?
  5. If you’re buying a device for a child, do you want to limit the number of people they can call or Internet access with parental controls?
    • What does the device, or your operator, provide for parental controls?
    • Can you restrict texting or data usage, third party billing?
  6. Do you want to switch service providers and use your current device or do you want a new device?
    • If you want to keep your current device, is it compatible with your new service provider’s network? Due to technological differences, the device may not be fully operational on a different network. If it is compatible and you’ve fulfilled your contract terms, your previous provider may be able to “unlock” it so you may take it to your new provider.
  7. Where do you plan to use the device? Do you plan to travel internationally?
    • Due to different technologies, your device may not work outside of your provider’s service area. Check with your service provider if you plan to go abroad.

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